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Heartwarming / Kaleido Star

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  • I always found Fool's words of encouragement to Sora from the second episode to be very kind and helpful.
    Fool: Sora, the results of the fortune-telling may be bad, but the future can be changed. It just depends on that person's efforts.
  • Episode 6, when Sora tries to adopt Jonathan, the seal.
    • Also counts as a CMoF.
  • Episode 8, Layla finally accepting Sora's birthday cake and reading the note from her father.
  • Episode 10, Sora working out how to please the audience with her improved version of "The Mermaid".
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  • Episode 11, Anna reconciling with her father.
  • Episode 15, Sora teasing Kalos in order to get him to reveal his true feelings for Sarah. Despite some silliness, it works.
  • Episode 41, when Leon shows the first hint that he's not a complete douchebag by panicking when he spots Sora almost about to be hit by a car... in almost exactly the same way it happened to his sister Sophie, pulling her away from danger just in the nick of time.
  • Episode 42, Sora's friends throwing her a performance in the Kid's Stage to make her feel better.

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