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Heartwarming / Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

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  • Jessica and Thomas's friendship.
    • Jessica sitting with Thomas at the restaurant and chatting with him, not to mention letting him have her pudding.
      Jessica: I am so not eating my pudding. Do you want it?
      Thomas: YES! [grabs it and starts eating it]
    • Shortly afterwards, Jessica calming Thomas down when he struggles to remember what the Fatal Five want with her.
      Jessica: It's okay. You can't force your mind to do something it can't. Trust me, I know.
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    • Jessica getting defensive when M'gann wonders if Thomas and Lightning Lass are a couple. Sounds like someone's got a crush...
    • At his funeral, Jessica credits Thomas for helping her overcome her mental block by believing in what she's capable of.
  • Two-Face looking out for Thomas at the Arkham Asylum.
  • Thomas's picture with Lightning Lass, whether it's of the romantic nature or something else.
  • Emerald Empress and Mano's relationship.
  • Thomas being amazed at being in the Metro Tower in person, commenting that he has the toyset of it.
  • Batman using his cape to shield M'gann from fire after the second fight with the Fatal Five goes south.
  • Jessica's friendship with Kilowog, who rescues her from the Fatal Five and commends her for remembering how to call for help while under duress.

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