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Pre-Crisis Era

  • In Justice League of America (Volume 1) #134 the entire League plus Supergirl are searching Superman, who disappeared without a trace during the latest battle. They find a possible lead when they come upon Despero, but he's teleported away before they can get anything out of him. Kara gets distraught, as Wonder Woman attempts to reassure her. When words, fail, Diana hugs the younger heroine:
    Wonder Woman: Try be calm, Supergirl! We'll find Superman... Somehow!
    Supergirl: How can I be calm? Kal-El has always been like a brother to me— guiding me, teaching me to use my super-abilities— loving me— And now, when he needs me most— when he could be in deadly danger, perhaps dying— I've failed him! Don't you see that, Wonder Woman?
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  • Justice League of America (Volume 1) #158. By this point, Red Tornado (who happens to be an android,) has been a member of the group for a while, but still has doubts about both himself, and his relationships with his other teammates. There are times when he isn't sure if his teammates truly trust him; where he wonders if all they think of him is just some machine. In this issue, that matter is solved once and for all. After Red Tornado contains a freaking explosion, he briefly falls unconscious, and drops into the sea below. He probably could have flown out shortly after, but Batman, after dealing with other matters, flies back to Reddy in his jet, and pulls him out of the drink with a rope. As he's climbing, we get this:
    Red Tornado: "But... how could you find me, out here...?
    Batman: How do you think? I followed you in my Batplane! A Justice Leaguer doesn't desert his friends, Reddy!
    Red Tornado: Am I... your friend?
    Batman: *Batman, of all people, simply clasps Reddy's hand, and smiles; Reddy smiles in turn.*

Post-Crisis Era

  • Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman had a huge fallout between Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis. After the cosmic crisis where died the Superman of Earth-Two, the Trinity agrees to meet up again after one year. At the start of the meeting -which kick-starts the second volume of Justice League of America-, Bruce and Diana intend to clear the air beforehand by talking things out, but Clark says no. All their fights are in the past and he doesn't care about it anymore.
  • In Justice League of America (Vol 2) #51, an energy dome has surrounded Washington DC. The then-current JLA -Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Batman (Dick Grayson), Jesse Quick and Jade- are imprisoned within together with the Crime Syndicate and Omega Man. The veteran Leaguers, the Justice Society and the Teen Titans try to break the dome to no avail. They all are getting worried... but Superman.
    The Atom: But bottom line, we're out here and a pretty untried team is in there.
    Dr. Light: What are you saying, Dr. Palmer? That it's hopeless?
    Superman: NO! There is always hope. That team in there— They are the Justice League of America. They're new to it, sure, but they aren't new to this level of adversity. None of them are. I know that they'll come through.


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