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    Ju-on: The Curse 
  • Toshio's little smile when Kobayashi shows him a picture that the former drew of Kayako and Takeo. It's the only time in the entire series that Toshio is shown genuinely smiling.
    Ju-on: The Grudge 
  • The scene with Toyama and a younger Izumi, when she shows him a picture of angels that she drew in the sand.
  • Izumi's dream/vision of Toyama. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
    Ju-on: The Grudge 2 
  • The brief flashback/residual haunting of Kayako and Toshio in happier times. Toshio is seen running into the kitchen and showing Kayako a picture he drew, while she smiles and admires it.
  • Depending on your point of view, Toshio's presence during the birth scene could be considered this, in a twisted, disturbing sort of way. He's just so happy to see his mother being reborn (in a sense).
    Ju-on: White Ghost/Black Ghost 
  • In White Ghost, Akane spends the entire film angsting about her guilt in not helping her friend, Mirai, from getting sexually abused and brutally murdered by her uncle. She fears that Mirai is haunting her to take revenge, and this is somewhat done when her father is killed by her shortly after the murders ended. However, at the end, after she apologizes to her, Mirai just leaves her bear keychain as a keepsake before disappearing for good. She only demands an apology and doesn't want to kill her friend even after all that. Compared to the previous fulfillers of the curse, this is charming...
  • We're also given a brief look at Akane's close relationship with her father when her father drives her to the school. Shame that Mirai has to kill him.
  • What about Mirai's own relationship with her family? She is clearly a Cheerful Child who brings happiness to the somber family, who's implied to be a bit dysfunctional. Then there's her adorable playful interactions with her uncle, Atsushi; it's clear that Mirai sees Atsushi more as an older brother than an uncle, seeing as they're only several years apart and he is still in college. Then everything turns 180 degrees when Atsushi gets cursed by the mirror and the film proceeds to deal the most horrific Break the Cutie and Kill the Cutie known to man...
     Ju-on: The Beginning of the End 
  • The scene where Kayako and Takeo purchase the new Nerima house, which immediately follows Nanami's death. It reveals that before the whole fiasco about the pregnancy, Kayako is a Genki Girl! She just refuses to stand still, repeatedly comments how happy she is with the house, and proceeds to run up and down the stairs like a little girl. Takeo's smile at her is just an added bonus.
  • The film only gives detailed reactions of Kayako being frustrated of her inability to have a child and life just seemed to grew on her when Toshio Yamaga entered her womb. What about Takeo's reactions? From the look of the family videos, he's so overjoyed when he's informed to be able to have a child while middle-aged and tries his best to care for him, even when Toshio doesn't want to play with him. You can tell how disappointed and broken-hearted he is when all of the lies Kayako had kept him are broken in the most unnerving way possible, namely, the fact that Toshio is not his child, and all of his actions afterwards ( killing his wife and son) somehow become sympathetic.
     Ju-on: The Final 


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