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  • In The Red Pavilion when Ma Joong decides to give up the girl he wants to settle down with to the man she loves - and gives them his last twenty pieces of silver to boot! This is just after he uses the rest of his inheritance to redeem her from prostitution, and goes to tell her only to discover that she's horrified that an unknown person has bought her out while her penniless love interest has ended up engaged to the warden's daughter.
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  • In The Lacquer Screen the judge has the local head of the underworld, a former Army man known as the Corporal arrested - in order to inform him that thanks to his, the Judge's, intercession he has not only been reinstated but promoted to sergeant!
  • The ending of The Emperor's Coffins when the Judge leads the newly exonerated officer to the hovel where his girlfriend, who he thinks is dead, is raising the son he doesn't know he has; "This is your home, Captain Woo."
  • In one of the short stories the Judge is reflecting how lucky he is in his wives and calls his Second a 'handsome woman' as well as staunch and sensible. However in a later story Sergeant Hoong describes Second Lady as 'pleasantly plain' implying that her good looks exist only in the eyes of her loving husband.
  • A bunch of hard-nosed, duty-bound imperial officials conspiring to falsify evidence (at least to the public) to protect the victims of a rape and blackmail ring from being Defiled Forever in The Chinese Bell Murders.


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