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  • Kid Loki makes sure to remind his older self that he can only give advice that Kid Loki wants. He doesn't want to be evil again either.
  • There's another cute moment when Volstagg narrates how Loki tricked Thor when they were teens, hoping Thor would embarrass himself (he did, but not to the extent Loki wanted). The heartwarming bit is when Kid Loki wonders why he'd ever want to embarrass Thor so badly. Big Brother Worship, thy name is Kid Loki.
  • As an effect of the one directly above, Loki telling his "troops" that their main priority is to keep the Serpent away from Thor if they can (didn't happen, but it was a nice thought). He also says that they need to try and keep as many mortals as possible out of harm's way, because Thor cares so much about mortals and Loki decides that's good enough for him.
    • Also a Moment of Awesome, because he's a preteen god giving orders while sitting on a swing.
  • In Journey into Mystery 641 Kid Loki says goodbye to Damion Hellstrom, quietly lamenting that no one trusts him. Hellstrom comes back at him with the "trust you as far as I can throw you" cliche...and then:
    Daimon: Luckily that’s a fair way. You’re tiny and I’m pretty damn strong.
  • In Journey into Mystery 643, Thori and Loki seems to be getting along for the first time since Loki adopted him. This turns into a Tear Jerker when Thori betrayed Loki and handed him to his father, the Hel-wolf.
  • Loki risks the whole Nine Realms for Leah, not for himself, but because he loved her enough to give her the ability to decide for herself.
    Loki wrote of the handmaiden of Leah, who stood beside him, saved the world and doomed herself. He wrote of the stern girl whose few kind words were more precious than Asgard's entire treasury. He wrote in a frenzied hand, trying to express the inexpressible. He ignored the shudder as the Dark Asgard's engines crumbled in dust. He ignored the lurch as it slid from the sky. He ignored the masonry transmuting into debris, cascading around him. And he told his lie to the best of his ability. Because in the end, the lies you choose to tell define you. The lies you cling to because the truth is too horrible to contemplate. He prayed it was sufficient. Because he couldn't bear to think he lived in a world where it wasn't true.
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  • In #645, it's revealed that Hela is Leah. The issues is sad as hell, but think about it - Loki's BFF has been with him the whole time, helping him with his plans, bringing him back from the dead, letting him borrow her clothes when he was in Sif's body. Best Friends Forever indeed
  • In the same issue:
    Kid!Loki: Oh Thor. You really are the biggest, sweetest idiot in the whole nine realms.
  • After using and betraying the Disir twice, Loki finally saves them from their fate and gives them free will in Exiled.
  • Loki kept the rose that the All-Mother gave him
  • #652: When Lady Gaea falls ill, Sif looks for advice from Jane Foster. They bond over cracking plant jokes at Thor's expense before Jane refers her to Tony Stark.
  • Heimdall pleading with Sif to not enter the portal and Sif ultimately deciding to stay in #650. Given that the siblings have been nonstop fighting each other, both verbally and physically, throughout the first arc, it's as clear as day Heimdall does ultimately care about Sif.
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  • Journey Into Mystery #650: Sif engages in a snowball fight with some local kids and has a blast. One of the kids asks her if she's happy that she joined them.
    Young boy: Still happy you said yes?
    Sif: Never been happier.
  • It's heartwarming to see Sif get along with Jane Foster and defer to her expertise, as Jane and Sif are both Thor's love interests

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