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Heartwarming / Jewelpet Happiness

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  • Most interactions between Chiari and Kousuke count, since he's always kindly dispensing encouraging advice to Chiari, and sometimes even saving her (like in episode 17).
  • Rosa and Labra's alone time scene in episode 2 regarding the missing Magic Gem. May count as a big Ho Yay moment.
  • In episode 12, Nene recalls how she became friends with Chiari and Ruruka. They saw that Nene was awake and invited her to sleep with them, saying that it was just like the three of them were sisters.
  • Episode 44 has plenty in regards to Marie and Nobara's friendship:
    • Nobara's preparations for celebrating the anniversary of their friendship and how she says it's a very special day. She orders a big cake from the Café and goes to search for a Jewelpet so it'll form a Magic Gem with Marie.
    • Marie, the Alpha Bitch, does not yell at Nobara when the latter starts to treat her like a slave; she just looks confused and hurt.
      • Just before, there's the brief moment when Marie holds Nobara's hand between her two.
    • Marie serving as Nobara's slave and her efforts to find a way to turn her back to normal, such as running around completing Alex' Eye of Newt list.
    • Marie runs into Alex' tornadoes to save Nobara when no one else had the courage to.
    • When Nobara falls to the ground and is surrounded by the stench of the blacked out Magic Gems, Marie holds her until she's back to normal and hugs her.
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    • The fact that even Marie remembers the exact day she met Nobara, showing that she really cares for her and values her under that shallow Alpha Bitch persona, even as she says something that amounts to "how could I forget the day I met my greatest worshipper?".

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