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  • Another meta example is that the new IDW comic series has been able to portray Kimber and Stormer as actually being romantically involved instead of just hinting at it like in the cartoon. The second issue formally introduces the Misfits and includes Kimber and Stormer meeting for the first time. Kimber has gushed that Stormer is the cutest of the Misfits, and Stormer sincerely compliments her and the skills that the Holograms have. Kimber asks Stormer to join her for coffee, and the two are shown having a pleasant conversation.

    • In the IDW comics, there's the fact that The Misfits don't approve of Stormer dating Kimber... because she's the competition. No one bats an eye at Kimber and Stormer being queer (and Blaze so far has not received any grief either). It's more fridge heartwarming, but still nice to see the girls are accepted.

    • The opening of #12. After Blaze is offered a spot in the Misfits to stand in for Pizzazz while her voice recovers, Blaze steps outside to think for a moment. She's suddenly on the verge of tears and isn't sure what to do, when Clash appears. It looks as though Clash is going to guilt trip Blaze for getting a spot in the Misfits, until Clash realizes Blaze is genuinely bothered by something. Blaze says she's afraid the Misfits won't accept her because she's a trans woman, and feels it's important to tell them about her gender. Clash assures her that the band wouldn't hate her for being trans, but tells Blaze if they do have a problem then they need to know now, and promises they will destroy all their Misfits gear if that's the case. This is coming from Clash, the biggest Misfits fans ever, the woman who literally tried to kill for the Misfits. The Misfits don't care about Blaze being a trans woman, and only ask if she's punctual because that's important. When Clash is sent by Jetta to get coffee, Blaze runs after Clash and thanks her for helping her dream come true.
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    • Blaze and Clash are really good for heartwarming moments, as when Blaze worries that she ruined the Misfits concert, Clash is there to comfort her and give her a hug. When she draws away, Blaze drags her back in and asks for a few more seconds. Aww.
      • As an added example of Heartwarming, this scene was edited in the trade collection after some complaints were made due to the nature of Blaze revealing her status as a trans woman. The dialog alters Blaze from feeling she needed to tell the Misfits because she was going into an all-female space and felt like she was invading it, to feeling she wanted to tell them because she didn't want to hide it from them. To cap it off, they also altered Blaze from saying "You'd be wrong, but I'd understand why you wouldn't want me in the band," to "You'd be wrong but... no, you'd just be wrong." It gives more power to Blaze by her standing up for her gender.

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  • issue 14 The holograms manage to shake of the brainwashing and Kimber goes and apologizes to Stormer for being so cold. She says she can't really explain why but Stormer still forgives her. She understands the Kimber has her secrets but that's fine because she knows that they love each other and that's what's important.

  • Doubles with awesome moments the last two pages of #15 Pizzazz has picked herself up from her bout of depression and take back her role a leader of the misfits and all the Misfits are thrilled to see her again

  • #16 Pizzazz back as front woman of the Misfits leaves Blaze in an awkward spot. But surprisingly rather then be bitter Pizzazz actually says Blaze has talent and offers her a spot an the band
    • And this keeps getting better - as of The Misfits #1 The Misfits have been dropped from 5X5 Records, but the label offers to take them back, if they drop Blaze and go back to their old sound. Pizzazz refuses to even consider it.
    • At the end Pizzazz reveals that she considers all the Misfits family, one far better than her real one could ever be.

  • #23 has several moments:
    • As Jem and the Holograms are about to take the stage Fox, the replacement drummer for Shawna walks out on them, revealing herself to be a plant for Pizzazz, while Jem and Co are panicking Raya, whose currently part of the Stingers, overhears the whole thing and IMMEDIATELY offers to take Fox's place on drums without a moments hesitation, saying that what Fox did was a horrible thing to do to the band Epic hugging before and after the performance ensues.
    • After The Misfits blow up a cake and set fire to the boat they are on Raya sees that Kimber has tripped and hurt her leg, the other Holograms are trying to help. At that moment, the Jem Hologram fails for a bit and Raya sees that Jem is Jerrica The Holograms see Raya and ask for help with Kimber once again she does and with no hesitation.
    • In the final pages of the issue the Holograms repay the favors to Raya by accepting her with open arms when she asks to join the Holograms after she decided to quit the Stingers saying she felt more alive singing with the Holograms then she ever did with the Stingers.

  • Misfits #2 is a long one for Pizzazz and Stormer as the issue explores the long term abuse and vitrol that Stormer constantly gets for being a Big Beautiful Woman. Prior to this issue, Pizzazz and Stormer had often argued and otherwise displayed a rather tense relationship, but as this issue makes clear, they really are best friends.
    • At one of the Misfits' shows early in their career, someone in the crowd heckles the band and demands that they get the 'whale' off the stage. Pizzazz responds by diving into the crowd and beating the tar out of the guy, which leads to her getting arrested for assault. Stormer ends up waiting at the police station for hours to bail her out. When Pizzazz is finally released, Stormer immediately rushes over to ask if she's okay. As soon as Pizzazz says that she's fine, Stormer hugs her and thanks her for the defense, which leads to this moment:
    Stormer: Thank you, but also, you can't do that again. We're gonna be really famous... You can't just attack everyone who's cruel to me.
    Pizzazz: Yes, I can.
    • Pizzazz's facial expression is what really sells the scene. When she says "Yes, I can", she has a grin on her face and looks like she's ready to take on the world. To her, it really is that simple — of course she can attack anyone who mistreats Stormer, and she will, because it's inconceivable to her that she wouldn't.

  • The entire Misfits mini-series is full of heartwarming moments. The Misfits may often be catty and mean, and they bicker constantly, but they're there for each other. If one member is in trouble or needs support, the others will back her one hundred percent.

  • The Holograms/The Misfits crossover, "Infinite" has a Misfits bring a parallel version of Kimber Benton back to a parallel version of Emmett Benton.
    • Not only that, but when he thanks them for bringing his daughter ( who he had thought dead) back to him, he corrects himself to "[his] daughters" and pulls Stormer into the hug. The ease and relief with which he welcomes his daughter's partner into the family is lovely.

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