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  • His latest Cinemassacre 300 offering, "The Dragon in My Dreams." really delves into the psyche of James Rolfe as a person who's chasing his own "dragon", so to speak. It shows what inspired him to be a filmmaker in the first place, and it's an emotional, tear-jerking short that somehow makes up for all the negativity that his Broken Base are causing lately.
    • Extra Heartwarming points for the fact that he recently got a tattoo on his arm of a dragon, as an homage to the statue that inspired his entire career. He revealed this in the commentary featurette on the AVGN Volume 8 DVD.
    • Extra extra heartwarming when people pointed out in the comments that the park where the statue was being remodeled with the statue still there and was repaired too.
  • In his review of The Dark Knight Rises he briefly addresses the shooting in the Colorado theater and gives his regards to the people who suffered through it. He then tells the viewers to go watch the movie but be safe.
  • James and his wife recently had a healthy baby girl! James made a post on Cinemassacre stating that there were some complications but everything's alright now, and adds "My wife and baby are the most important things in the world to me, and it's top priority that I look after them." Awwwww.
    • Announcing that they're expecting another girl.
  • Every video of James and Mike playing the NES / Super NES etc. Just showing that two friends playing the game like they are still kids is just very heartwarming.
  • At the end of his SNES vs Genesis video, he clearly favors SNES, but says the world would be incomplete without both consoles.
    • James as a little kid trying to defend Nintendo by pointing out the Tiger Games, posters, Power Pad, Zapper Gun (or as he called it, the Power Gun), walkthroughs, characters, and the fact that the controllers have stickers on them. Later, he defends the SNES by pointing how how its graphics scale and have high resolution—or as he says, "resoluation."
  • In his 2014 Magfest panel, a fan asks James for a hug and he obliges, much to the approval of the audience.
  • Producing the AVGN movie, after a childhood filled with a passion for movie-making, he's come a long way, with doing stuff for both video games and movies, and this movie in particular is perhaps his biggest and proudest accomplishment. In a lot of his recent videos where he talks as himself, especially those concerning the production of the movie itself, he often talks about how he's made it to this point in time and how happy he is to have finally made it. Seeing him so happy about making the movie, and everything he's done to get here, just warms the heart.
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  • James's video detailing the production of A Night of Total Terror, a film he made when he was 15, is very moving, especially for fellow filmmakers. Total Terror was the first time James attempted a serious, narrative film rather than simply making home videos with his friends or with his toys, and he considers it to be the biggest turning point in his life because it taught him that it was possible for anyone to make a movie as long as they want it badly enough. Listening to him wrap things up by encouraging everyone watching to get up and go get started at whatever they want to do with their lives is more powerful than it really has any right to be, given that he's talking about a VHS short film where someone gets shot in the face and their eyeball falls out, but he manages it.
  • James' bittersweet final visit to the original nerd room at his parents' house.
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  • Cinemassacre's YT page hit 2 million subscribers in March 2016. James thanked the fans in response.
  • Cinemassacre's Monster Madness series ended after its 10th year in 2016, and with its final episode on Krampus, James thanks all of his fans for being so supportive and enthusiastic for the series for so long. He states that he will continue working on new projects instead of the month-long marathons, but will always be celebrating Halloween, leaving behind this final note:
    James: Halloween is a transitionary period, as we're about to cross over from the fall into the winter. Going all the way back to Halloween's origins - the festival of Samhain - this time of year is when the worlds of the living and the dead become closer. The crops were beginning to die, so this was a very creepy time back then; some say there were offerings and sacrifices made to bring good fortune, so today, I sacrifice Monster Madness to bring in a new, healthy harvest.
  • James's Top 10 Popular Films I Don't Love. It isn't just how he's respectful and welcoming of different opinions, each of the films on that list is one he genuinely likes. There's no way at all to claim he's being a killjoy, he's just respectfully dissenting and telling other dissenters they're not alone in their opinions.
  • Looking at his list of top 50 films, it's not surprising that the maker of Monster Madness has King Kong in the number two slot. But right below it? The Wizard of Oz. In fact, his list of favorite films is a thorough mix of prettymuch every genre of movie, including a lot of children's movies. He doesn't overlook anything.


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