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Heartwarming / Jack (David Hopkins)

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  • Jack has many of these to counter-balance its consistent horror, although they seem to have died off in the recent years. Still, the strip where Fnar says that he pretends that "Uncle" Jack was his father is incredibly heart-warming. Ironically, Jack really was technically his uncle, although he never knew that. Actually, most scenes with Fnar tend to be heart-warming.
  • You can't leave out the part where Jack and Farrago finally kiss. Jack accidentally healing Drip's damage and giving her back her wings doesn't make it any less heartwarming, either.
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  • And then there's the scene with Jack's true love from when he was alive. It manages to be both heartwarming and darkly ironic, since she clearly doesn't know what happened to her boyfriend...
  • Also this, so very much...
  • Pretty much all the arcs involving souls getting closure have this at some point.
    • "I'll be Hazel and you be Fiver and let me know when things are going wrong."
  • Any time a damned soul's eyes are opened...provided it isn't a Tear Jerker.
  • One of the scenes in the side arcs:
    Vinci: Bash, we've made some bad mistakes. That's why we're down here. But I think you can make a bad mistake turn good, if you learn from it. And, I think there's more good in you than you think. I'll see you later, dear heart.
    Bashful: Vinch? This is gonna sound dumb, but I wish you'd've been my dad. If you had, I don't think I would have made it down here.
  • The short where Farrago despite having her memories of Jack erased, made him a new scythe (to replace the one that had been taken from him) anyway.
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  • The end of "Been Reading Job."
  • And the very, very, very well-earned ending of the Vinci and Arty bonus arc.
  • Also the ending of Joann And Jeremy Arc, especially after the crap that they have to pass through.
  • The part in the arc where Farrago lets Lita's mother talk to her, Lita asking her mother (who went to Heaven) to stay with her until she sleeps.
    • And the very next strip, her eyes are opened...


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