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Heartwarming / Itadaki Street

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  • When Luigi is near victory when Mario is playing; no matter how much Luigi is looked down on by the rest of the world, his brother still looks up to him. D'aww!:
    You're my hero, Bro!
  • Pretty much all of the interactions between Bowser and Bowser Jr. are adorable.
    Bowser: Way to show these folks who's boss, Son!
    Bowser: Urgh! I hate to give up my money, Son, but it's worth the sacrifice to see you succeed!
    Bowser Jr.: Wow, Dad! You've got the coolest shop in the world! It's worth any price to bask in the glory of the great Bowser!
    Bowser Jr.: Urk! That's some shop you've got here, Dad! I'm gonna work extra hard to live up to your awesomeness!


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