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It's a rom-com, of course you'll get a good round of sweet moments.

  • After Iori's pictures appear in a magazine, guys begin to harass her outside the window of the school drama club. Ichitaka manages to get up his courage and yells at the guys to go away, it's at an exact moment where a misunderstanding occurs, with most people thinking that he was the one to harass her. Fortunately, Iori later asks him if the voice yelling "Quit it already, you guys!" was him and is happy to learn that it was.
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  • On the field-trip, Ichitaka gathers up his courage and asks Iori to walk with him through the three gates. While she thinks it's okay since friends can do it, too, the atmosphere of the scene and the scenery looks amazing. Of course, just as they get to the third gate, Ichitaka's phone rings with some bad news...
  • Finally, finally, Ichitaka manages to confess his feelings to Iori! Nowhere near as romantic or epic as he had always hoped to admit it, but the scene itself is enough. Ichitaka and Iori are on the subway and Iori casually asks to whom he wanted to confess his feelings.
    Ichitaka: Uh... you.
    • It gets even better when, after the awkward silence settles and it looks like Iori is getting out at her station and ignoring his confession, Ichitaka looks up and sees her getting back into the subway car.
    Iori: ...I thought it was one-sided.
  • When Ichitaka finds himself back in his high-school years when he falls into a coma after fighting the Marionette King, the scene of the first point is repeated. Only this time, Ichitaka uses the courage he has gained over the years and directly confronts the guys. After they are chased off, he looks at Iori.
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  • The penultimate chapter having Iori's voice waking Ichitaka up from his coma.

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