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Heartwarming / Irresponsible Captain Tylor

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  • In the final episode, Admirals Fuji and Mifune toast to Tylor's discharge sometime after Admiral Hanner's death, given that they've spent all show trying to get rid of him. However, Mifune then reminisces about monkey tribes. It comes off like an obtuse form of respect to Tylor.
    Mifune: Monkeys create very organized tribes, with a leader at the top. But, once every few years without fail, a heretic monkey will appear in the tribe.
    Fuji: A heretic monkey?
    Mifune: This heretic will leave his tribe and try to join another. But the monkeys of this new tribe will attempt to keep it out, literally beating it until it's bloody.
    Fuji: Ah, so even monkey societies have strays like Tylor, huh, Admiral?
    Mifune: However, those strays are a vital element to their survival.
    Fuji: They're a vital element?
    Mifune: The reason is that the heretics keep them from inbreeding too much. It keeps the tribal bloodline from growing too thick. Therefore, the heretic monkey is necessary for the entire tribe's survival.
    Fuji: You're saying these heretics play a necessary role in nature?
    Mifune: Yes, and Tylor may be the heretic for our own military society.
    Fuji: Admiral! Are you suggesting that the military needs Tylor?
    Mifune: (pauses as he watches a little girl with a stick pass them by before smiling at them and going on her way, after which she jumps and vanishes, much to his shock)
    Fuji: (seemingly hasn't noticed) What is it, Admiral? Is something wrong?
    Mifune: (doesn't reply as he turns around for a moment) …The heretic is the viral link in any group. But I still don't know if Justy Ueki Tylor is the one.

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