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Heartwarming / Invincible Youth

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  • Any time a cast member permanently left, seeing the reactions of the other cast made it quite clear that this oddball bunch of girl idols from rival groups had developed good friendships through their time on the show.
  • With the prevalence of idol SNS accounts, pictures of the cast spending time together since the show ended have occasionally surfaced, much to the delight of fans.
    • The largest incidence of this may have been when Hyomin was promoting "Nice Body." Pictures were posted of her at dinner with all of the original G7 minus Hyuna, and them holding signs showing support of her song.
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  • On a televised variety show, Hyuna once went on a rant toward Hyomin's agency because they wouldn't feed her well, so she spent all of her time on set eating.
  • During their appearance, the National Judo Team held a retirement party for their oldest member. As the coach explained, retirements aren't usually celebrated in the sport, which went to show just how much he was appreciated.

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