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Heartwarming / Innocents Shounen Juujigun

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  • Any of the relationships between the boys. They obviously care about each other immensely, and their determination to reach Jerusalem is amazingly precious.
  • Nicolas and Etienne's friendship. From the first scene where Etienne kisses the pain away from Nicolas' wound, it's obvious that the two absolutely love each other. Nicolas is beyond determined to achieve Etienne's goal, and will do nearly anything to protect and aid his friend, and Etienne is the most loving, caring friend anyone could ever want. The two make an excellent team, and their obvious love really warms the heart.
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  • Luc and Marc taking care of the younger boys. When the youngest boys of the Children's Crusade got tired or bored, the two were the ones to perk them back up. Between Marc's humor and Luc's big brother like affection, it's no wonder that even the youngest boys were able to keep going.
  • Etienne healing Nicolas's scar in chapter 1. The tenderness he treats his friend with is beyond sweet, especially how it serves to show how close the relationship between the two is.

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