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Crowning Moments of Heartwarming for the Nanoha fanfic, Infinity

  • In Chapter 20, this scene between Nanoha and Fate:
    "Oh, Nanoha...." Fate said, a tear running down her cheek in spite of herself. "I... I thought I was done with this. Deep down, I never knew for certain whether the way it ended was good or bad, but at least I knew it ended. It was done, and I could move on with my life. But now... she's...!"
    "Fate." Nanoha said firmly, adjusting Fate's head gently so they were looking each other directly in the eyes. "Things are different this time. You have friends, and you have a family... a real family, that loves you. If you want to go out, hunt down your mother and pay her back for all the horrible things she did to you, all of us will be right there beside you. If you... you want to try one more time to reach her, reconcile, then as much as we don't think she deserves it, we'll still be right beside you for that too. If you want to forget about the problem, call in sick, and take a vacation to somewhere tropical while we deal with things for you... well, you've earned it." Nanoha said, putting on a small smile as she said this last point and being rewarded by a somewhat strangled chuckle from the blonde girl. "Whatever happens, whatever you choose to do, just remember that all of us are by your side. I'm here. You're not alone."
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  • Susanoo's talk with Tsukuyomi about her increasingly uncontrollable emotions in Chapter 28 before Amaterasu interrupts.
  • During Nanoha's use of psychological warfare using information that Amaterasu told her, she brings up that Tsukuyomi was never a good gift giver, but the receivers of her gifts always treasured them because "Auntie Tsuku might not understand people very well, but she always tried her best."
    • One particular story was about a princess who was forced into an arranged marriage despite the fact that she was in love with a guard. Tsukuyomi gave her a plastic model of a boat and she spent several hours crying and hugging her. Remembering it causes Tsukuyomi to start tearing up.
  • Susanoo and Tsukuyomi's development up to their birth and Amaterasu suffering from a Cuteness Overload upon seeing them for the first time.
  • Chapter 39:
    • Tsukuyomi's memories in which she bonds with the first person she was ever assigned to guard. Also overlaps with Tear Jerker, especially since the woman eventually died of circumstances beyond her control, damaging her ability and willingness to get close to others for most of her life.
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    • Susanoo somehow managing to be a premier example of a Nice Guy and a Blood Knight, once he gets his head on straight. Also leads to his downfall, but he and Fate are finally on good terms again, so it's probably for the best.
    • Nanoha, after working for half the story to do it, finally manages to connect with Tsukuyomi. And Tsukuyomi, in turn, honoring this fledgling connection by throwing away almost certain victory in order to stop an explosion that a weakened Nanoha would have been killed by.
  • In Chapter 40, Nanoha and Amaterasu had talks about their family circumstances, and Amaterasu warns Nanoha about exhausting her magic.

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