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Heartwarming / inFAMOUS

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  • If you have good Karma when Trish dies, with her last words she will tell Cole she loves him and is proud of how he uses his powers for good before dying happily.
  • Trish makes up with Cole after rescuing her from the Dust Men.
    Trish: I know you didn't mean to kill Amy, Cole, that you've been trying to make things right. And I need to stop being angry at you. It's just been hard for me. I want us to be together again like how it used to be.
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  • After Trish's death, Cole, not being on the best terms with Zeke and assumed not welcome at his home, sleeps in the park next to Trish's grave. Probably also a Tear Jerker.
  • That fact that despite the developers preferring the evil path, players much preferred being a hero.

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