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Heartwarming / I'm Here!

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  • Chapter 1: When Hinata "finds" Hikage after her classmates accidentally leave her locked in the gym storehouse, thinking she had already left.
  • Chapter 6: When Hikage starts to lose faith in herself and secludes herself in her room after being bulled so much, Black Rabbit and MegaPIG remind her that she is not alone, and that they are her friends, giving Hikage the courage to stand up for herself.
  • Chapter 7: After Hikage finally stands up for herself in front of the Alpha Bitch, her classmates — realizing they had been unintentionally ignoring her the entire time — apologize to her and defend her against the Alpha Bitch. Doubles as Awesome.
  • Chapter 8: And then Hinata and Teru defend her too. Awwwww. Doubles as Awesome.
    • Hikage makes stuffed animals for Black Rabbit and MegaPIG for supporting her so much.
  • Chapter 9: Hikage explaining to Hinata about how she became friends with Black Rabbit — her first online friend — and MegaPIG. After making a blog when she was five years old, Hikage hadn't received a comment in a year until Black Rabbit commented, telling her that he'd been reading her blog for a month now and complimented the photos she'd taken, causing Hikage to cry in happiness that someone visited her blog.
  • Chapter 13: Teru helping Hikage keep her promise to see the fireworks with Hinata when she's late to the festival.
  • Chapter 15: Hikage takes Teru on a ferris wheel to make him feel better when she noticed that he's feeling depressed and wants to help Teru just like he helped her while he was Black Rabbit. It is also especially endearing when Hikage tells Teru that the view on the ferris wheel is one of her favorite sunset views on her blog, and Teru lets Hikage hold hands with him when she gets scared of the jerking on the ferris wheel.
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  • Chapter 18: When Hikage is led to believe that if she doesn't choose Teru over Hinata, it'll ruin Hinata's and Teru's friendship, as well as their relationship with the class; not wanting that to happen, Hikage decides to choose Teru.
  • Chapter 19:
    • Hikage gives Aya a Cool Down Hug and apologizes to Ayu for making her lonely.
    • When Hikage's sunflower had been bent, Hinata and Teru help her fix it.
    • Teru decides to let Hinata and Hikage be together after Hikage realizes her feelings for Hinata.
    • Hikage finally confessing her feelings for Hinata.
    • Even though Hikage's sunflower had died, Hikage brings seeds so that everyone can make sunflowers bloom again.
  • Chapter 19.5:
    • MegaPIG goes to Hikage for advice on helping him with his crush Hiyori. In spite of his constant rudeness, it's endearing because it really shows how important Hikage is to him to be able to rely on her (but he makes it clear he'd rather die than rely on her).
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    • Hikage's, Hinata's, and Teru's attempts at giving MegaPIG love advice. It does little to help him, given his Shrinking Violet personality in real life, but it does show the lengths that the trio willing to go to help MegaPIG find happiness.
    • Hikage re-sends an encouraging comment MegaPIG gave to her in the past, giving him the courage to chase after Hiyori.
    • MegaPIG chasing after Hiyori and confessing to her.
  • The whole series is based off The Power of Friendship, with lots of heartwarming speeches.
  • The fact that even Hikage, a typical Shrinking Violet, can still make friends pretty much shows that the world isn't as dark as she thought.

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