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Heartwarming / Identity Crisis

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  • Ralph's ice cream analogy about his and Sue's relationship, and the nature of love in general:
    Ralph: ...But that's why ice cream stores don't just sell chocolate and vanilla. Every once in awhile someone walks in and orders butter pecan.
  • Ralph's conversation with an absent Sue at the end.
  • Batman comforting Robin after the death of his father. Especially because it's Bruce. Also a Tear Jerker.
    Batman: ...Please... Tim, it's okay... it's okay... I've got you.
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  • After reading Jack Drake's obituary in the news, Green Arrow goes and hugs his son. Connor grumbles a bit, but accepts the embrace.
  • Captain Boomerang meeting his son for the first time, and finding out said son is not only proud to have a Super Villain father, but also inherited his old man's throwing arm. And his mother's Super Speed.
  • Green Arrow and Hal Jordan's scene in the cemetery, foreshadowing Green Lantern: Rebirth.
    Green Arrow: So when you are you really coming back?
    Hal Jordan: (smiling) I'm working on it.
  • This exchange between Wally and Ollie:
    Wally: By the way, I was talking to Clark and we were just... well... we were thinking if you weren't too busy, or had some free time...
    Ollie: Wally, how many times do I have to tell you - I'm a reserve member. There's no reason for me to rejoin the League.
    Wally: Actually, we just wanted you to know if you wanted to go to dinner sometime. Like you used to with Clark and Barry.
    Ollie: (pause) Yeah, that'd be great. (beat) Really great.

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