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Heartwarming / I'd Trade My Life For Yours

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  • Kaito consoling Kaede and giving her Shuichi's hat.
    • Throughout the story, Kaito remains a pillar of support for Kaede and vice versa when things get tense between him, Maki, and Kokichi. What makes it even more endearing is that Kaito reaffirms his faith in her now that the truth regarding Rantaro's death has been brought to light. Although Maki's fake murder attempt ruins their friendship, they manage to reconcile the day after the fifth trial ends.
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  • Gonta inviting Hoshi to stay in his research lab to see his butterfly friends. It's his gentle nature and kind-hearted words that get through to Hoshi which sparks a friendship between the two boys.
  • Tenko assuring that she will always be on Kaede's side after hearing her confession regarding the first trial.
  • After Himiko and Gonta's passing, Kaede plays Clair de Lune to comfort a grieving Tenko.
  • Despite her growing desperation, it was sweet of Miu to choose Kaede as her top pick in who to survive the killing game with.
    • And before that, she even gave a eulogy to Kirumi even though the latter died attempting murder.
  • Even when Miu is outed as Keebo's unintentional killer, not once does he blame her for it and even acts as her defender when she's too distraught to do so herself.
  • During the aftermath of the fourth trial, Tenko single-handedly tends to Kaede and Ryoma's injuries. It's even more magnanimous for her to do so with Ryoma even after their previous falling out.

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