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Heartwarming / Hyrule Conquest

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  • This comment was addressed to the creator by a random user back in October 2012:
Dear Neph,
God bless you for having the skills and motivation to pursue your dreams and make them into reality.
Just being able to see a video game like this goes to show that you have worked very hard for many, many days in building this creation from scratch and imagination.
Shame on those who cast doubt and disagreement on what you've done for this world because they don't understand and appreciate the great amount of effort that went into it.
You have rightfully earned the praise and respect of many who wished for a Zelda Strategy game.
As well as the envy of many who really wish they could have the same kind of energy and desire that drives you as a creator.
You are an unsung hero in the Nintendo fandom. And I proudly salute you for that.
Keep going after your dreams and don't stop for anything.
You are on a long journey that has proven itself to be very worthwhile.
Please see this creation all the way to the end.

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