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  • The entirety of issue 6 of the 2010 relaunch of Birds of Prey (which also doubles as a Moment of Awesome) - Huntress volunteers to die at Shiva's hands instead of Dinah, has a heart-to-heart with God, and learns that she's not an expendable part of the team, but a passionately loved and valued member. And after the duel with Shiva is cancelled, Shiva herself bestows the name "Iron Owl" on Helena and asks for the honor of helping her to her feet.
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  • Prior to her retcon back to Helena Wayne, a very confused Huntress was approached by Power Girl, best friends with the then-deceased Wayne. Utterly baffled at Power Girl wanting a heart-to-heart chat and despite prior rancor between them, Huntress listened.
  • The look of absolute joy on her face in Birds of Prey when Batman finally, finally praises her work.

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