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Heartwarming / Humans

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     Season 1 

Episode 6

  • Early in the episode, Niska holds George hostage with a knife. Later on, she helps him fix Odi and accepts George's hand when he holds it out to her. She even shares a secret that no one else knows. It's the first time we really see her trust someone (let alone a human!). George's speech is the moment where you see her start to thaw, and offers a sweet insight to George and Odi's relationship.
    -Niska: "Why care so much for something that cannot care for you?"
    -George: "Reflection. I look at Odi, I don't see a synthetic. I see all the years of care he gave us. All the memories he carried for me, when I couldn't. He can't love me, but I see all those years of love... looking back at me."
  • Leo reminiscing about his life with the synths.
  • Max praying for the safety of his family, he's even willing to stay alone if it means that they're safe.

Episode 7

  • Sophie and Niska playing with dolls. Even more when Sophie adjusts the game so Niska can have fun too.
  • Mia finally reuniting with Leo and Max, who are basically her children.
  • Fred and Leo reuniting. They immediately embrace.

     Season 2 

Episode 6


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