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Heartwarming / Housepets! the Series

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At its base, Housepets! the Series is a love story. It's only natural to have heartwarming moments.

Season 1

  • Chapter 11: When Peanut miraculously awakens from a week-long coma with help from Tarot/Spirit Dragon after getting badly hurt saving Grape and their dad from vicious dogs. Grape had stayed with him the entire time.
  • Chapter 15: Tiger requested help from Nevermore and the Foster twins to find the raccoon cubs so that they can help Zach snap out of his nightmare
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  • Chapter 18: Peanut and Grape's wedding.
  • Chapter 19: Martin and Joel finally reconciling with their former pets

Season 2

  • The marriages of Bino and Sasha (Ch. 1), and Alcor and Mizar (Ch. 10).
  • Chapter 4: Spirit Dragon uses her one permitted miracle in the Cosmic Game to allow Peanut and Grape to conceive children naturally. And Peanut and Grape agreeing to name a female "Tarot".
  • Chapter 12: Peanut's father sending him home from the K-9 Academy to be with Grape, convincing him to choose family over duty. And then the first check-up on their five kittens.
  • Chapter 20: The birth of three litters: One for Sasha (Bosco), two for Mizar (Rigel and Naos), and five for Grape (Dayshaun, Tarot, Parnok, Louise and Nutella). And don't forget Martin Gordon Sandwich!


Season 3

Season 4

  • The engagement and marriage of King and Bailey, and King finally deciding to have pups with her.

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