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Heartwarming / H.I.V.E. Series

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The series as a whole is surprisingly heartwarming for a YA book, but a few examples stand out above the rest:

Book One: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education:

  • Otto, fully prepared to leave the Island for good, decides to stay to help Wing find out who killed his mother. He reminisces on his promise to Laura and Shelby, as well.
    • This is particularly notable because in Otto's backstory, we see he cares little for other people and up to this point in his life has only ever seen them as means to an end. This is the first sign we see that Otto may be growing into someone who cares.

Book Two: The Overlord Protocol:

  • The reunion between Wing and Shelby is so heartwarming it borders on tearjerking territory.

Book Three: Escape Velocity:

  • Laura explaining to Otto at the end that although he will never know what it is like to have blood parents, he has a family already in her, Wing, and Shelby.
  • Nigel finding out that his father is alive.

Book Four: Dreadnought:

  • Lucy, scared new girl who has been dropped into the plot with no knowledge of what is going on, is taken in by the main cast without question although they are aware she must have done something to get where she is.
  • Diabolus choosing his son over the operatives of G.L.O.V.E.

Book Five: Rogue:

  • Laura getting harassed by Block and Tackle in the hallway, only for Lucy Dexter to come by and put the two boys in their place.
  • The return of H.I.V.E.mind.
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  • Otto finally overcoming the Animus when he is told to shoot Wing.
  • The whispered comment from Otto to Laura that isn't revealed for another two books: I love you.

Book Six: Zero Hour:

  • Otto finally getting to vent to somebody in the beginning, somebody in this case being Lucy Dexter.
  • The Big Damn Kiss between Wing and Shelby
  • Otto preventing anyone from trying to take out Raven, who has been infected with the Animus, because he knows what it is like to be locked inside your own head.

Book Seven: Aftershock:

  • Seeing how well Raven has adjusted to life after seeing her flashbacks from her childhood doubles as this and a moment of awesome.
  • Otto confessing to hacking the system to take the blame for what all eight kids did.

Book Eight: Deadlock:

  • Laura worries that Nero doesn't care what happens to her after what she did, when in fact the opposite is true. When it becomes apparent that Anastasia will punish her for sending the distress signal, Nero orders the rescue mission to be moved up for her sake.
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  • The joint effort between Otto and Laura to rescue the Alpha stream despite being several months and thousands of miles apart.
  • Otto and H.I.V.E.mind's discussion about girls.
  • Otto's return to the H.I.V.E. and subsequent reunion with Shelby, Wing, and Franz.
  • Shelby and Wing going all Big Damn Heroes on the rescue mission.
  • Otto completely ignoring part of the plan so that he can be the one to save Laura.
  • Otto recognizing that the only difference between he and Zero is that he has grown a heart over the course of the series.
  • Otto and Laura's reunion in the library at the H.I.V.E., when she decides not to leave the Island.


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