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History Teaches Us:

  • This time around, Thorin does his best to make a good first impression on Bilbo. It works, and their friendship gets off to a much better start.
  • Dori notices that Bilbo's clothes are poorly made, so he volunteers to adjust some of Ori's old clothes for him.
  • The friendship between the Company, and Thorin's efforts to get to know all of them.
  • The Company convincing Bilbo to stay when he thinks he's a burden.
    Nori: What a waste of all that training if you leave now.
    Kíli: You can't leave, Bilbo, who will tell us stories when we're bored?
    Balin: Ori and I are outnumbered enough as it is, laddie, we need you to balance things out.
    Dwalin: Anyone who can scold a wizard so completely is someone I want with me.
    Bofur: You're part of the Company, you can't leave now!
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  • Thorin overcoming his dislike of Thranduil enough for the two of them to become friends.
  • Glorfindel and Dwalin's conversation in the side-story/outtake Old Soldiers.
  • A moment that's sad, funny and heartwarming all at once: Thorin reminisces about his memories of Erebor.
    Thorin: Of all the things I miss about Erebor, I miss that above all. Looking down on the charge we had been given and knowing that even princes and princesses are allowed to be silly and laugh.
    Balin: They will be again. With your nephews in Erebor silliness is almost guaranteed.
    And Thorin heard laughter near Erebor once more.


Shall History Remember?:

  • Pippin and Merry meet Sméagol. Merry is alarmed. Pippin... invites Sméagol to come home with them. This is the start of a strange but heartwarming friendship between Pippin and Sméagol.
  • Frodo, Merry and Pippin decide to go with the Fellowship, because Bilbo will need help.
  • Sméagol leads off the remaining Nazgûl to protect his friends.
  • Bofur and Sigrid's conversation, where they discover that in spite of their previous beliefs, they love each other. Aww.
  • Thranduil and Dís hugging each other when they think their respective relatives are dead.
  • Aulë interferes to save Fíli and Bilbo when they almost fall into lava.
    Aulë: Oh for...! No. NO. I will not permit it.
  • Sméagol and Déagol reunite after Sméagol's death. Déagol assures his cousin that he has forgiven him.
  • Mahal rewards the Fellowship by creating an afterlife where they will all go once they die. And it connects to Valinor, so the immortal members won't have to be separated from their friends even after said friends die.
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  • The last lines of the fic.
    Eru: Aulë?
    Aulë: Yes, Father?
    Eru: It is a better world you have created. Thank you.
    Aulë: You are welcome, Father.
  • Mordor itself comes to Kíli's aid, and shows him a way to get out.
  • In the side-story Alight, Thranduil gives Kíli a new quiver.
    Kíli generally tried to avoid being too emotional around Thranduil and Legolas. [...] Still, one hug wouldn't kill the elven king. Not after all else they had survived.


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