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Heartwarming / Hetalia Bloodbath 2010

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  • When the fans on Captalia realize it's almost over, everyone started getting all sentimental saying how much we love each other and how we're family and were brought out of our shells. Cue Friending storm.
  • Belgium giving her scarf to the shadow aka Parallel!Spain chasing her. "Merry Christmas!" Later, the same Parallel!Spain telling Parallel!France #23 that he's fallen in love and doesn't want to go home.
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  • When Germany asks Italy to strip so he can look at his chest and butt (it's not what you think it is):
    Romano: Don't be fooled stupid brother! It's that pervert’s trap!
  • Germany's sigh of relief when he sees Prussia and Austria sleeping.
  • Russia crying at General Winter's defeat and General Winter gently touching the sleeping Russia's cheek. Russia's content expression says it all.
  • Iceland worrying about the rest of the Nordics, to the point of collapsing.
  • In general, the amount of care and concern between nations as others are attacked. Poland warning Lithuania and waiting by him as he sleeps, Germany and Hungary's reaction to Prussia's kidnapping, Osaka trying to aid Japan even though he's useless etc. And keep in mind that some of these nations (act like they) don't actually like each other but are willing to set their grievances aside should the need arise.
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  • When everyone finally finds out what's going on from Sealand, the entire world bands together and cooperates to help save the Parallel!world. World peace, brought about to help a bunch of total strangers.

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