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  • "Nobody's dead until I say so!" in Almost Colossus.
  • In Conqueror Worm, Hellboy telling Roger to hold on, and fight the Conqueror Worm in his head.
  • Also in Conqueror Worm, an alien assassin reveals that he had been sent to kill an infant Hellboy, but decided to spare him, believing that Hellboy had the free will to reject his destiny as the Destroyer. As the decades pass, he watches Hellboy grow up to become a righteous man, and on his deathbed entrusts his former target with completing another world-saving mission. His last words to Hellboy are “To be other than human does not necessarily mean to be less”.
  • The "Pancakes" short is adorable.
  • In B.P.R.D.: Hollow Earth, Liz's flashback of how she and Hellboy first met.
    Young Liz: Aren't you afraid I'll... burn you?
    Hellboy: Nope.
  • In The Wild Hunt Hellboy wonders if all that has been said about him being the destroyer of all is true. Vasilisa asks "Why can't you believe what [Alice] believed?"
    • Professor Bruttenholm assuring his adoptive son that he's not a monster.

  • This:
    • In a weird way, Rasputin promising Bruttenholm his death would be quick and painless could count, seemingly like a thank you for raising Hellboy, regardless of his destiny.
  • Even earlier in the film, Bruttenholm first befriending a young Hellboy. The rest of the Allied army thinks he's some unnatural force of nature, but after some persuasion - and a Baby Ruth - Bruttenholm assure the army that "It's just a baby boy!". The music during that whole part is just the icing on the cake.
  • The scene where Liz comes back to the BPRD after Myers convinces her to. Professor Bruttenholm warmly welcomes her back with a hug, and while her subsequent reunion with Hellboy is incredibly awkward note , the fact that HB is just so damn happy when he sees her makes it adorable.
  • The scene from the first film where Hellboy reassures Liz:
    Hellboy: [gestures to his face] I wish I could do something about this. But I can't. But I can promise you two things: One, I'll always look this good.
    [Liz laughs.]
    Hellboy: Two: I'll never give up on you. Ever.
    Liz: [softly] I like that.
    Hellboy: [smiles] Good.
  • The kiss in the final scene of the first movie, where Hellboy and Liz are wreathed in flames.
    "Hey. You on the other side. Let her go. Because for … for her, I'll cross over. And then you'll be sorry."
  • "I can't smile without yoouuu..."
  • The scene in the first movie right after Hellboy has killed a monster while holding a box full of kittens. The young lady who owns the kittens comes forward and without caring that this is a huge, red guy with horns, a tail and the word "hell" in his name, she smiles at Hellboy with genuine appreciation, and he pets one of the kittens with the finger of his huge hand. Also counts as a literal "Save the Cat" moment.
  • A Real Life version: Ron Perlman dons the Hellboy makeup to meet Zachary, a young boy with cancer.
    • Lets explain that: Perlman volunteered to do it even though they could have gotten somebody else. He sat through four hours of make-up. The article even suggests (though this is ambiguous) that he personally paid for lunch for everybody there.
      • No, he sat through four hours just to get the makeup on. It takes another four hours to get it off. He literally sat through eight hours (an entire third of the day!) of makeup work just to make this kid happy. Somebody give Ron Perlman a medal!
  • Manning and Hellboy share one after they neutralise Kroenen. Hellboy tries to light a cigar, but is out of lighter fluid. Manning at first sounding like his Jerkass self tells him he's lighting it wrong and gives him a wooden match saying it preserves the flavor. Hellboy tries it and to his surprise he likes it that way and they promptly thank each other for saving each other.
    • Before the above scene, Kronen is about to make Hellboy fall into a pit of spikes by cutting the rope he's holding on to. Manning comes to the rescue by throwing a gear like a Frisbee at Kronen's head, distracting him long enough for Hellboy to climb back up and throw Kronen into the pit. Manning may hate what Hellboy is, but he'll be damned if someone dies when he could have saved them.
  • Bruttenholm and Myer's scenes together has a whole mentor student thing. And the reason Myers was chosen in the first place was so Hellboy would have someone to look after him as Bruttenholm did.
    Broom: In medieval stories, there is often a young knight who is inexperienced, but pure of heart.
    Myers: Come on. I am not pure of heart.
    Abe: (who can read minds and see who a person really is) Yes you are.
    • And the follow-up:
    Broom: Rasputin is back for him. What I ask of you is to have the courage to stand by him when I'm gone. He was born a demon, can't change that. But you will help him, in essence, to become a man.
    • Even more heartwarming considering that Meyers is the one who gets Hellboy to remember his humanity, just when he was on the verge of ending the world for Rasputin.
  • Abe and Nuala having a Love at First Psychic Touch moment, then later bonding over poetry and their shared psychic abilities. Also, the fact that he vouched for her when he didn't even know whose side she was really on. She tells him later how brave it was of him.
  • Nuada is visibly saddened when he learns that his Dragon (and possibly only friend) is dead.
  • "It's beautiful."
  • Hellboy going out of his way to rescue a box of kittens when Sammael attacked. Also, their owner fighting tooth and nail to save them before the monster could get to them.
  • Meta-example, but David Hyde Pierce dubbed over Doug Jones in the first film, though not the second. The reason why is because after seeing the finished film, he insisted that Jones' performance was great enough that he didn't need dubbing, and further more, that Jones receive the only credit for the character. Come time for the sequel and they finally let Doug provide the voice.
  • A quick scene at the start of the sequel: Tooth fairies are about to burst through a wall, and Abe immediately pushes Liz behind himself to protect her. Of course, this is also how he discovers that Liz is pregnant, since he has his hand on her stomach and can sense the growing baby.


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