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  • Chin Ho finally marrying Malia in "Alaheo Pauʻole". A wedding is heartwarming anyway, but when you consider what Chin has been through and the reasons why he ended his first engagement to Malia, it's pretty clear that Chin has earned his happy ending.
  • The ending of "Kahu". Can be a CMOA too.
  • Steve shows up in his Navy dress blues in "Hana I Wa 'la" as a character witness for Danny in his custody battle to keep Grace with him in Hawai'i. Even though his touching speech on why Danny is a great father is interrupted by a Mystery of the Week phone call, it's still rather sweet of him. It's even a deciding factor in Danny winning the custody case. The whole ordeal shows how far their friendship has come since Season 1.
  • In "Ma'ema'e", Steve and Danny discover provocative pictures of a young girl in a suspect's home. They had been told earlier that the suspect was like a second father to the teenager. Danny's reaction is expected, but Steve proves to be just as infuriated as his partner about the possibility of anything like that happening to Grace.
    Danny: I do not think these were taken by a second father... If I found somebody taking pictures of Grace like this, I'd go to their house and I'd kill them.
    • Steve yelling out the boss of IA over endangering a Kono in "Ma'ema'e". Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the way Steve is behaving is very much like a protective father or brother, and it really shows the family bond in the team. This whole episode really is enforcing this sense that Five-0 is a family, and reminding us that Kono is still and always will be a part of that family.
  • The footlong rant Steve provokes out of Danny by throwing the word "classified" around when he resurfaces after his time away looking for Shelburn. He keeps smiling throughout the whole thing and keeps prodding his partner until he runs out of time. He clearly enjoys having that bickering back and makes sure they both have their share before he had to board that plane.
    • Also, earlier in the episode when he calls Danny he hesitates for a moment because he know his partner will blow up on him, which he promptly did. Because he was worried rather than actually angry.
    • Danny using Steve's vocabulary on accident and Steve then saying he needs to get back right away. It's their subtle way of saying "I missed you". Aww!
  • Just about anything with Max and Sabrina:
    • Their first date is ruined when she gets shot during a bank robbery. So, he makes a vending machine menu for her and they have their date in the hospital while she recovers.
      • Then you find out she kept that menu.
    • They also manage to make zombies cute:
      Sabrina: Did you really think it was the Zombie Apocalypse?
      Max: No, but if it were, I would want you to kill me before I turned.
      Sabrina: Nah, I'd make you bite me and we could live forever and eat brains and have little zombie children.
      (cue squee-worthy cuddle scene)
  • In the Season 4 finale, after Grover is forced into early retirement from HPD after saving his daughter. Steve and the rest of the team invite him to join Five-0.
  • The 100th episode "Ina Paha" starts out like the Pilot, except this time, Detective Danny Williams save Steve's father in time. It was nice to watch until we learn it was only part of Steve's hallucination.
    • But it is also sweet because in Steve's mind Danny could have saved his father and make Hesse talk. It shows how much he values his partner and how highly he thinks of him.
    • Steve's dream world in that episode is one long heartwarming moment, because everybody gets a happy ending:
      • His father's alive
      • Danny is happily married and loves living in Hawaii
      • Chin was never pushed off the force and is now Captain
      • Kono never injured her knee and is now a champion surfer with endorsement deals
      • Grover never had his problems in Chicago and is still a cop there (but vacationing in Hawaii)
      • Max is a respected MD working in a hospital rather than an ME
      • The only ones who don't get one are Kamekona, who's a hardened criminal with head tattoos (and a hilarious mustache) and Jerry, who's a homeless crazy person.
  • The ending of "Hoa 'Inea" has a look at the team spending much better times with their loved ones:
    • Grover having a romantic dinner with his wife, cooked by Morimoto
    • Danny spending time with Melissa in bed
    • Steve deleting Catherine's contact on his phone as Lyn gets a beer for his black eye.
  • Max's farewell party at the end of "Ua ho'i ka 'opua i Awalua", which is also a Tear Jerker. Masi Oka has stated that he is officially done with the series.
  • On a trip to Chicago, Grover is thrown that his former friends on the Chicago police force consider him a "rat" for turning on partner Clay, despite how Clay was a murderer who tried to kill Grover's family. While Grover brushes it off, his son makes it clear he knows his dad did the right thing and encourages him to spend time bonding in Chicago.
  • Tany comes to pick up her brother, Koai, from rehab. He surprises her by saying he wants to stay as he's been offered a job as a counselor. She sees him meeting with new patients, using his own experiences to say it's hard but it can get better and he owes his own recovery to how much his sister loved him to get him to do this. Tany is touched as she tells the patients her brother can help them as well.
  • The final scene of the series. After bidding a tearful farewell to everyone in Hawaii, Steve is on a plane and surprised to be met by Catherine. The two prepare to head off to a new life together.