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Heartwarming / Have I Got News for You

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  • When HIGNFY creator and original producer Harry Thompson died in 2005, the first episode to air after his death was dedicated to his memory.
  • The final episode of the Spring 2015 series ended with a tribute to former Lib Dem leader (and nine-time guest on HIGNFY) Charles Kennedy, who had suddenly died that week. It was the first such tribute of its kind on the show in 25 years, and the story of his death had not been mentioned in the main body of the programme, presumably as they did not wish to make jokes about it.
    Jack Dee: Of course, the scores have always been hotly contested on this show; here’s a friend of the show who always had the right attitude even when he hadn’t won.
    [This was followed by two clips, one from his very first appearance in 1992, and his penultimate appearance in 2008]

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