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Heartwarming / Harry's New Home

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  • The entire fic is so sweet, you're almost guaranteed to catch diabetes from reading it.
  • In chapter 62, after Harry is killed by Voldemort, he meets his parents for the first time.
  • It says something about his House's loyalty to him when several Slytherins come to Harry's aid and claim him as their own simply because Snape is Harry's guardian.
    • Slytherin in general. Where normally they are portrayed as little Death Eaters here they are just another house, no different from others (save for they might go a bit more extreme). Hermione ends up finding a role model in one female prefect (who eventually becomes Percy's girlfriend), and even Marcus Flint is shown as protective of those under his care.
  • Chapter 33: Harry chooses Snape over Sirius. Sirius accepts it. Snape faints.
    • Lupin sums up why Sirius isn't going argue about it quite nicely:
    "Severus, you saved the only thing in this world that Padfoot really cares about. You did it when Dumbledore wouldn't and Sirius couldn't and I didn't. You were the only one there for Harry, even though you owed him nothing and could only feel hatred towards his family. Sirius and I know how much we owe you and that you are - despite being a 'greasy Slytherin git' - a very good person. Much better than us, in fact… Like it or not, Severus, you're a Marauder too. You're part of our Pack."
  • Chapter 36: Snape tells Harry he loves him. In fact, are Harry and Snape in a room together without someone trying to murder them? Chances are, it'll become this.
  • Chapter 41: Harry's Essay about "His Da". Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and get a little teary eyed as well.


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