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Heartwarming / Happy Gilmore

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  • Happy wrestling the alligator is awesome but his reason for doing it is heartwarming. He realizes that it is the same alligator that bit Chubbs' hand off and ended his career. He jumps after it like he's avenging his mentor.
  • Mr. Larson reconciling with Happy. "I know we've had our differences in the past, but I'm truly proud of you." They shake hands and at the end of the movie he beats up Shooter for stealing Mr.Gilmore's jacket.
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  • In the final tournament, Grandma tells Happy not to worry about her and just play the game. "I just want you to be happy, darling." By this point, Happy is too injured to do the long drive, and his temper has gotten so bad, he can't even go to his Happy Place. Grandma helps Happy find his Happy Place: Chubbs' in heaven, having two hands again.
    Chubbs: Chin up, Happy. Don't feel bad about me. I got my hand back, see?
  • Happy's relationship with Grandma is really sweet in general. One of the images in his Happy Place is her getting enough money to buy her house back and then some.
    • Special mention goes to her introduction, where Happy's talking about his past.
    Happy: After [Dad's] funeral, I was sent to live with my Grandmother in Waterbury. I was kinda nervous since I didn't really know her that well, but she dressed like Gene Simmons from KISS to cheer me up. She's the sweetest person in the world.
  • While on a date at an ice skating rink, Happy makes a bet with Virginia that if she can hit a hockey puck into the net he'll leave her alone. But if she misses she has to give him a big kiss and pretend that she likes it. She makes the shot ("Talk about your all-time backfires"), but tells Happy that she didn't see it go in and kisses him.
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  • Happy, having so many dedicated fans, including his old boss, Mr. Larson, and he shows his appreciation for them by getting them involved with the game by having them cheer like any other sports crowd would.
  • Happy readily giving the homeless man who ran up to clean his car the last of his cash and later hiring him as his caddy.
  • The final scene where Happy, having won the tournament, celebrates by toasting with his grandmother, Virignia and his caddy.

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