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  • In Season 1, Episode 11, when Yozora returns to school, her hair is insanely shorter than usual, so much so she looks a bit like a boy. This is when it hits Kodaka that she is his childhood friend from 10 years ago. So what does he do? He stands up in the middle of class and calls Yozora by her nickname "Sora"; she turns around, tears in her eyes and smiling, and replies "It's been a long time, Taka." (Kodaka's nickname given to him by Yozora/"Sora")
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  • In Season 2, Kodaka openly states to Yukimura that he wonders why Yukimura would continue to look up to him after his Screw This, I'm Outta Here! response to Sena's Love Confession. What follows it is unholy Mood Whiplash, but Yukimura's response?
    Yukimura: "Does there really have to be a point, big brother? I serve you because I want to be by your side. What other reason do I need?"
  • Interestingly enough, one of the most heartwarming moments between Rika and Kodaka is right after she beats the living hell out of him.
  • Maria getting Kate to drive her to Kodaka's house so she can give a present to Kobato. What's especially cute about this is that Maria (after a little prodding) straight up admits that that's why she's there, as opposed to a Suspiciously Specific Denial like the other Tsunderes in the Neighbor's Club.
    Maria: Here, I decided to be nice and get you a present, so you better like it. Birthdays are kind of important, even for a poopy vampire like you.
    • And Kobato's response, after being told to say thank you by her older brother. She barely manages, but she tries.
      Kobato: Thank um... thank... thank you... ah poop.

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