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Heartwarming / HERZ

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Heartwarming moments in HERZ:

  • In episode 2 Asuka wakes up from a violent nightmare and starts to cry. Then Shinji embraces her and she feels better. As he washes her face -blood is dripping from her blind eye- she asks him if he thinks she is ugly. Shinji looks at her, thinking she is his child's mother and his life's love and answers "Of course not". They hug again, Asuka begs him never leaving him, and he whipers he has always been hers. Then they make love.
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  • Akiko and Rei seldom interact on panel, but the few times they do it is clear Akiko loves her Aunt rei and Rei is very fond of Akiko.
  • When Rei visits Shinji and Asuka and remembers them their plan is risky, both spouses agree they will run the risk for their daughter's sake.
  • After all suffering they were put through, Shinji and Asuka had managed to find happiness together. Misato tells that is one of her motivations: she needed to see her surrogate family happy.
  • Before the final Battle Rei reassures Shinji nothing bad will happen to him because she will always protect him.
  • And afterwards she says farewell to him. Shinji sheds a tear after she fades.


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