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Heartwarming / Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

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There is the bond between characters and such in this crossover retelling.

  • Like in the anime shows Shu's relationship with Inori who he sought to bond with. There's also moments between Shu and Hare.
  • It shows Shu and Madoka are forming a good friendship.
  • Like in episode 12, Chapter 5 shows Shu and Gai as childhood friends and view each other as brothers.
  • Ayase and Sayaka are beginning to form a relationship.
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  • Argo and Kyoko's time together see one another as siblings despite their arguments.
  • In Chapter 7, Shu meets Kazuto Kirigaya.
  • In the final chapter, it is revealed that the Puella's dimension fuses with the Guilty Crown world for the magical girls to settle in their new homes.
    • Mami stays with Oogumo and Kurachi as her guardians.
    • Nagisa Momoe, the reincarnation of Charlotte, appears and is adopted by Shibungi and his wife.
    • Kyoko is the adopted sister of Argo.
    • Sayaka's family lives with Ayase's family.
    • Madoka's family moves next door to Shu's neighborhood.
    • Which leads to the outcome for Homura, in which she is an adopted daughter by Haruka.

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