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Heartwarming / Grumpy Old Men

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  • Despite the vitriol between John and Max, John firmly asserts that Max's son "Would make a damned fine mayor!"
  • When Max goes to visit John at the hospital, the nurse asks if he's family or friend. After a long, introspective pause, Max replies, "Friend." Doubly heartwarming because they'd spent most of the movie at each other's throats, and Max had nursed a decades-long grudge against John for marrying his girlfriend.
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  • John and Max's feud stems from John marrying a woman Max had feelings for. Despite this, every mention of Max's deceased wife shows that he loved her dearly and remembers her fondly.
    John: If you'd married May, you never would've had Amy, and Amy was a good woman.
    Max: She was the best!

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