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Heartwarming / Grumpier Old Men

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  • In the sequel, Grandpa Gustafson telling Allie a bedtime story (which is also a Funny Moment) and then singing her a lullaby. Considering how Grandpa Gustafson spends both movies being a cranky pervert, this is especially sweet.
  • Max and John putting their differences aside after Grandpa Gustafson's death and trying to help their children get back together.
  • During the final act, Max and John finally catch the annual hunt's legendary catfish in the lake. As to be expected, Max is quite proud and joyful about the accomplishment. John, however, gives the fish a long look and suggests they throw it back in the lake. Max asks him if he's out of his damn mind, to which John responds that his father has been trying to catch that fish for twenty years, and it belongs in the lake with him. With an understanding and subdued smile, Max immediately agrees.