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Heartwarming / Grim Tales from Down Below

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  • Jeff's interactions with Mimi, trying to undo some of the damage Him did to her.
    • And although it crosses into Tearjerker territory, when you really think about it, Jeff has probably been the most constant figure in Mimi's life since it's implied that they've been together for quite some time. So, when Him kills Jeff and tells Mimi to break into Castle Grim's vault, Mimi doesn't hesitate because she cares about Jeff that much. She'd go the extra mile; she gets very defensive and pissy whenever Junior tries to bring up Jeff. Hell, she almost kills herself because a muffin triggered her to hallucinate seeing him! And look at how she looks at hallucination!Jeff. Clearly, she misses him (and his cooking) very much. Mimi may be stoic and ruthless, but there's no doubt that she loves/appreciate Jeff very much.
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  • Minnie and Junior being so much closer after her death and resurrection.
  • YMMV, a particularly odd one for Mandy, that comes right after her MEH of beating up Junior. She neither kills Junior or Mimi and even congratulates Junior for standing up to her!
  • A rather strange one, Him has a picture Dexter, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Courage, and Mimi together. He drew mustaches, silly eyes, the usual stuff one would do to make fun of people, but for Mimi, he just drew horns. Make of that what you will.
  • When Aku takes Chi away to 'discipline' her, he begins by giving her a lecture...demands that she looks at him when he's talking to her...and then stops her from crying by pulling the most ridiculously funny faces. It's implied that while far from ideal, Aku clearly dotes on his daughter and their relationship is a lot healthier than the ones between Him and Mimi, and Mandy and her children.
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  • Jr. and his Nergal symbiote seem to be getting along quite well since the big incident.
  • Most recent pages actually have Mandy acting more motherly. She warns Junior about the traps she just set up around the house, lends him some of her old clothes to give MIMI (though she still addresses the girl as a pet) after Minnie makes it clear she's not lending hers', and is generally acting as not a bitch (as much as Mandy can anyway, but it's still a major improvement). Whether that's because Junior stood up to her and proved his worth (which is actually in-character for canon!Mandy) or because that's what she's usually like when she isn't in battle mode and angry, it's nice to see Mandy can still act like a normal mother.
  • Early in the comic, after Jack scares Junior during This Is Halloween, Mandy is soon after shown holding her son in her arms.

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