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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Season Two

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    2x01: Damned if You Do 
  • Seeing Bullock in the episode without the force — he's got a steady job (as a bartender), he's been sober for 32 days, he actually sleeps at night, and he has a girlfriend.
    • The hug between him and Jim after Jim is fired. It's a testament to how close they've become, and a direct callback to their less-than-stellar beginnings in the first season.

    2x02: Knock, Knock 
  • Lucius Fox telling Bruce Wayne, "I loved your father."
  • Bruce hugging Gordon after he hears about the massacre at the GCPD. Just the fact that he came all the way there immediately to make sure Gordon was alright.
  • Edward taking a bullet for Miss Kringle counts as awesome. The heartwarming part? Afterwards, while he's being checked out by an EMT, Miss Kringle is right beside him, handing him medicine.
  • Surprisingly, Barbara gets one in this episode. She lures Gordon outside of the GCP before the other Maniax come in and watches placidly as Aaron beats the tar out of him. While a part of her definitely enjoyed that, she briefly looks remorseful at seeing Jim so roughed up. It's heavily implied that she lured him away so he wouldn't get gunned down like most of his colleagues, indicating that she still cares for him in her own twisted way.

    2x03: The Last Laugh 
  • Bruce gets two: going back to save Alfred, regardless that there's a room full of mooks with guns and two dangerous criminals on the loose ("I won't let them hurt Alfred!", and, just before he goes back, telling Selina that he misses her.
  • Selina gets one for trying to save Bruce. She could have easily just slipped out of the charity ball and away from the mooks and further trouble, only worrying about herself, but she specifically waited for him to take him to safety with her.

    2x04: Strike Force 
  • Eddie finally gets his long coveted date with Miss Kringle. They even share an endearingly awkward moment of taking off their glasses before sharing a kiss. Alas, Eddie's happiness comes to an abrupt end two episodes later.
  • Though it was orchestrated by Theo Galavan for reasons currently unknown, Bruce's meeting with Silver St. Cloud is a cute moment. Upon learning Silver, who was studying abroad in Geneva for two years, will be attending Anders Prep with him, Bruce replies that he's been homeschooled for a while and is basically the new kid at school himself, prompting Silver to give him a reassuring smile and say, "Then we shall brave it together." She keeps her word the next day, fondly calling out to Bruce, who is keeping to himself, the moment she sees him despite her new circle of friends, making him grin. It's nice to see him interacting with someone on his wavelength, considering previous episodes portrayed Bruce as something of an outcast at the academy. Unfortunately, we later learn that Silver is in on Galavan's plan, making her affection for Bruce a farce.
  • Some can say Alfred punching Selina is this. Despite giving her one heck of a chance she completely blew it. Seeing she will clearly be nothing more than trouble or at worse a threat to Bruce he tells her to never come near them again.
    • On the other end, one could see Selina being there at all as a heartwarmer. Bruce told her he missed her last episode; she clearly missed him too and was undoubtedly planning to surprise-visit him after school.
  • Being brainwashed to follow his orders aside, Butch is actually surprisingly concerned for Penguin here, knowing something is off with his boss and even giving him a reassuring pat on the knee when Oswald explains on the verge of tears what happened to his mother. This is even more heartwarming when you consider Butch's kindness to Oswald in the very first episode, and it seems likely that part of him will always see Penguin as the kid that used to hold Fish's umbrella.
    • It's also a tearjerker in hindsight, as Oswald's abuse of him in the very next episode drives Butch to somewhat reluctantly turn against him, and it's clear that if Oswald hadn't lashed out in such a manner he'd still have Butch by his side.

    2x05: Scarification 
  • Butch stating that everyone who knew Fish knows she loved Selina. The way she perks up at this and says "They do?" This after the implication that she's waiting for her [Fish] to come back.
  • Selina, upon seeing what life's like for Bridget Pyke, reaches out to her to try and get her to leave her abusive family. And when things get out of hand and Bridget becomes a Cop Killer, Selina helps her escape. Cat's still got a soft spot for other kids.
  • Jim and Lee's double-date dinner with Ed and Kristen, especially when Ed calls Jim and Lee his friends. Seeing both Ed and Kristen so happy and comfortable (especially feeding each other fondue and giggling adorkably) is rather nice after all the crap they've each been through. It all comes crashing inelegantly down in the next episode, but later seasons reveal that this is still a memory that Ed treasures deeply, as it was probably the first time he'd ever had a normal outing with people who honestly wanted his company.

    2x06: By Fire 
  • Ed overhearing Kristen gushing over him to Lee, even if her remark about him needing a little "fire" was grossly misinterpreted.
  • Selina's protectiveness over Bridget.
    • First, she takes Bridget to her home with her. Then the girls commit a robbery in order for Bridget to have enough money to leave town and start fresh by herself. And when Bridget is kidnapped by her "brothers", Selina grabs a shotgun and fully intends to go after them alone to rescue her friend.
    • Then, when it's clear Bridget intends to enter into a fully-fledged life of crime, Selina tries to stop her. First telling her what she's doing is stupid, then getting angry, then hugging Bridget tenderly when she knows she can't sway her. And then later asking Gordon for help.
      • Bridget telling Selina that it's nice to have someone who worries for her. It's an understated moment that perfectly illustrates that underneath the years of the streets and the abuse, both girls have very big hearts and care for each other - and that it's something neither of them have had much of in their young lives.
  • While Selina and Bridget are planning a robbery for some quick cash, they come upon a sex slavery ring and Bridget's first instinct is to go in and help the girls being sold. Despite, you know, being on the hook for killing a cop and needing to get in and out in a hurry.
    • And then she went back later alone and set them free!

    2x07: Mommy's Little Monster 
  • Oswald and Gertrud reuniting is by far their most heartwarming scene together. And then Tabitha stabs her in the back and kills her. Nonetheless, their final conversation is heartwarming on its own.
    Gertrud (dying): "Oswald? What is wrong? You look so sad."
    Oswald: "Nothing's wrong, Mother. Nothing at all. We're together now. That's all that matters. That's all that ever mattered, right?"
    Gertrud: "Ever since you were a little baby. My little Cobblepot."
    Oswald: "I'm sorry... This is all my fault... Please forgive me, I'm so sorry..."
    Gertrud: "For what? You were always such a good boy."
    • Also, look at how Oswald smiles while he talks to his mother one final time. The last thing he wants her to see before she dies is her baby boy happy.
  • Gertrud's death is almost universally regarded as Galavan crossing a line. Butch is incredibly shaken by both the act and his indirect involvement, even stating "I never thought he'd actually do it", and Gabe even tries to console the grief-stricken Penguin.
  • Though they can't actually let him kill Galavan, Jim and Harvey both express sympathy for Penguin's loss.

    2x08: Tonight's The Night 
  • Alfred and Bruce's heart-to-heart is incredibly poignant, as Alfred steps in fully as Bruce's surrogate father. He tells Bruce that he's not worried about the Wayne family legacy...because the Wayne family legacy is standing right in front of him.
  • There's something oddly sweet about Edward's burial of Kristen, having one last meal with her before dumping her body in the woods. He's trying to give her as decent a burial as his twisted mind will allow.

    2x 09 A Bitter Pill To Swallow 
  • A villainous one for Tabitha. The reason she hires hitmen to kill Jim isn't because he shot her arm and ruined her aim, but because Barbara got seriously hurt in her attempt to kill Jim.
  • Nygma attentively nursing Oswald back to health and his various attempts to bring Penguin out of mourning for his mother, up to and including finding an old record of the song she used to sing him to sleep when he was a child. It culminates in them gleefully singing together over cheap Chinese food and forging a true Villainous Friendship.
    Oswald: Memories. That's all I have left. And they're like daggers in my heart.
    Ed: (warmly) Not forever.
  • In spite of what happened the last time they met, Selina returns to Bruce to warn him about Silver's danger... And she passed all the time between these encounters searching for evidence.

    2x 10 The Son Of Gotham 
  • Bruce tells Selina that he won Silver's trust by sweet-talking her, saying that he had never met someone like her before and felt a deep connection with her. And then he says that he wasn't entirely making things up, as he actually feels this way about her. Selina is clearly touched by this, and appears choked up for a moment.

    2x 11 Worse Than A Crime 
  • Silver is told by her uncle to toy with Bruce's feelings again just hours before his death, otherwise he'll cut her out of the family. Bruce sees through her clumsy attempts and point-blank tells her that he feels nothing but pity for her. But right as Theo comes to lead him out of his cell, he turns around and kisses Silver, just like Theo wants. Bruce isn't afraid to die, but he won't let Silver suffer the same fate.
    • Earlier, he encourages her that it's not too late to change.
    Silver: God, I'm such a loser. An evil, pathetic loser.
    Bruce: You're not. You're young and scared and under the control of bad people. You can change. There's hope.
    • And this exchange:
    Bruce: Good-bye, Silver.
    Silver: I love you!
    Bruce: And I forgive you.
  • When Bruce is about to be executed, Silver actually pleads with them to stop. Given that she has everything to lose and only Bruce's life to gain, it's proof that he got through to her after all and probably the first truly genuine expression of care towards him that we see from her.
  • Tabitha beating the hell out of Theo to stop him from hurting her niece. She may be a violent sociopath, but even she draws the line at hurting family.
    • Then again, she also pushes Silver out of the window without giving her enough time. However considering the two parachutes at the end, Tabitha was probably shoving her niece out so she wouldn't hesitate. Theo was now conscious and getting up. The fact that Tabitha opted for getting Silver away from Theo instead of fighting him and getting her full revenge for the way he treated her gives the impression that she cares a lot about her niece.
  • Jim Gordon straightforwardly proposing to Leslie at the end.
  • Jim waking up to Ed and Oswald smiling at each other as they literally sing a duet. It's as bizarrely sweet as it is funny.
  • Selina joining the party to take down Galavan for the implied reason of helping to save Bruce.
  • The hug Bruce and Alfred share when they reunite.

    2x 12 Mr. Freeze 
  • Nygma promising to look after Mrs. Cobblepot's grave. Despite his not taking it all that seriously, Oswald is still deeply touched.
    • The fact that Ed took the risk of speaking to Oswald at all is pretty sweet, and apparently just to make sure he's ok.
  • Oswald refusing to disclose Jim's part in the murder of Theo Galavan. He confesses happily to the deed and takes all the blame on himself.

    2x 13 A Dead Man Feels No Cold 
  • The entire scene where Victor freezes his wife. The exchanges between him and Nora, and between her and Lee, leading up to the moment are all touching.

     2x 15 Mad Grey Dawn 
  • The scene where the newly-reformed Oswald visits Nygma. The chemistry between the two is incredibly genuine; for that one moment, neither of them seem like insane, murderous criminals, just two good buddies having a happy little reunion.
    • And though it's brief, it's clear that Nygma is furious at not only Oswald being tarred and feathered by Butch and Tabitha, but also the 'treatment' he underwent at Arkham that changed him so much.
  • Though he doesn't let him go completely scot-free, Butch still intercedes with Tabitha to spare Oswald's life, saying that they've all lost something and should just call it even.
  • Oswald finally meets his father, Elijah Van Dahl, a man whom he thought was dead for the past 31 years. Happy to meet the son he never knew existed before, Elijah decides to take him in and make him a member of his "big, happy family". Just look at how Oswald's face lights up at the thought of a family. After going through all kinds of hell since his mother's death, he can finally settle down with a loving family of his own.
    Oswald: Sir, please, tell me truthfully. Is this a dream?
    Elijah: It's not a dream, my boy. You're home.

     2x 16 Prisoners 
  • Oswald spends the whole episode bonding with his father. When Oswald begins to confess that he was a criminal who did terrible things, Elijah stops him and tells him that his past sins don't matter to him. Oswald, in turn, helps his father to bed when he finds him sleepwalking, and is the one to call for help when his father's health worsens. Which makes the Downer Ending that much more of a Tear Jerker when it happens.
  • Gordon's reluctant friendship with the teenaged Puck. Even though he tells Puck at least twice to stay away from him (as bad things tend to happen to the people close to Gordon, especially in a prison full of convicts Gordon himself put away), Puck helps Gordon to find his sense of hope amidst his despair, telling him, "Choose life." The way they meet? When Puck tries to defuse a Curb-Stomp Battle where Gordon would have been mauled by the other inmates.

     2x 17 Into the Woods 
  • Though he ultimately decides against the matter, Ed's first thought on whether or not Oswald will sell him out to Gordon is "Penguin wouldn't tell him. He's my friend."
  • After Nygma is arrested for the murder of Pinkney and Jim's reputation is cleared, what favor does Jim call in with Captain Barnes? To ask him not to punish Harvey for breaking him out of jail, and hiding him when he was still a fugitive.
    • Likewise, Barnes giving Jim Lee's new phone number and telling him to get in touch with her.
    • Meta example, the actors for Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Lee Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) got married in real life, announcing it in 2015, during era of season 2
  • Alfred telling Bruce that while he still doesn't trust Selina, he's grateful to her for being so loyal to Bruce, and fiercely tells him not to get her involved with Thomas Wayne's work.
    Alfred: I will not have you put that little girl's life in danger.
  • As equally awesome and terrifying as Penguin's revenge is, there's something sweet in the fact that what snaps him back to himself is not a desire for power or vengeance for a personal slight, but the desire to avenge his beloved father.

     2x 18 Pinewood 
  • Karen Jennings bonding with Bruce, and recalling how kind Thomas Wayne was to her.
  • Tabitha stroking Barbara like a kitten as she sleeps.

     2x 19 Azrael 
  • Nygma befriending his fellow Arkham inmates, and finding ways to help with their respective psychoses.
  • Though they hardly parted on good terms, one of the few memories Galavan retains is that he has a sister, and he keeps asking where she is.

     2x 20 Unleashed 
  • Ed barely knows Selina at this point, but he still takes the time to warn her away from Arkham's basement.
  • Selina's determination to rescue Bridgit, and she was previously shown taking care of her friend's pigeons.
  • Though it doesn't last long, it appears that Theo and Tabby still have some lingering affection for each other, and she even restores his memories by citing that they were happy once before the Dumas monks took him. Right before he stabs her, but still.
  • Though it's a tearjerker too, Butch's confession to the unconscious Tabitha is incredibly sweet.
    Butch: Why'd you have to be brave, huh? I just got used to you being around. Partners, right? How am I supposed to keep people in line now? I don't think I can do this without you. You're one of the only people in the world who looks me in the eye when they talk to me. You know that? You laugh at my jokes. And you actually like the way I look. I didn't think I'd ever feel like this again...I guess what I'm tryin to say is...(breaks down)

     2x 21 A Legion of Horribles 
  • When Bruce is taken captive in Arkham, his first reaction is to yell, "WHERE'S SELINA?!" It's a testament to their bond, as well as his character, that he's more worried about her well-being than his own in that moment.

     2x 22 Transference 
  • In a really weird way, Strange's decision to take some time out of his interrogation of Gordon to get to the root of his unresolved issues and help him find some inner peace. He's a Mad Scientist, sure, but he's also a pretty good psychotherapist. After all, just because he's going to kill the guy doesn't mean he has to let him die with a bunch of baggage...
  • When Bruce apologizes to Selina for manipulating her into infiltrating Arkham for him, she makes it clear that she went in because she wanted to, and doesn't blame him.
    • And then the minute Strange, Firefly, and Freeze are distracted, she goes back and breaks Jim, Lucius, and Bruce out. It's an understated moment but shows just how close she and Bruce (and to some extent, Gordon) have become; she doesn't think twice about rescuing them, and not one of them is surprised that she did it.
  • Even if Firefly's "goddess" personality-implant has seriously confused her as to why she values Selina, she's still got enough Bridgit in her to stand up to Strange and Fries in her friend's defense. Defying them, she openly refers to Selina as her friend, not merely her "servant".

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