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Heartwarming / Goosebumps

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The books — in general:

Individual books:

    Original series 


     Goosebumps Series 2000 

    Spinoff series 

     Goosebumps: Most Wanted 

    Goosebumps SlappyWorld 

Spinoff media:

    The Movie 

  • Oddly enough, Slappy gets exactly one moment like this: he is genuinely happy to see Stine when he's released from his book (even if Stine doesn't exactly return the sentiment), affectionately calls him "Papa," and is excited to see what trouble he's been summoned for this time, thinking that Stine let him out on purpose. And then the moment's gone when he catches Stine trying to discreetly pick up his book to trap him inside again.
  • Despite being caught in an absolutely terrifying situation, the vast majority of the students band together to fight against the monsters and to help each other during the potential apocalypse.
  • Hannah helping both Zach and Stine to learn to let her go, while simultaneously helping them both dealing with their respective grief: Zach from the loss of his father, and Stine from the loss of his wife, as well as to face his loneliness and open up to real people again instead of his imaginary characters.
  • R. L. Stine writing one more book to bring Hannah back, and allowing her to finally live like a normal teenager with Zach
    • Even before that, Stine never told Hannah she was the character from The Ghost Next Door, simply because he loved having her around, considering he was dealing with his wife's departure.
    • Notably, Hannah is the only character in Goosebumps who retroactively manages to Earn Your Happy Ending. In her original book, she was forced to pass on, because her time had come. In the film, she instead gets to have a second chance at life.
  • Tim Jacobus, who painted the series' memorable and popular book covers, had not been involved with the franchise for at least ten years before being brought back to work on some of the films merchandise. The film's end credits sequence serves as a gorgeously animated tribute to his artwork, something he was apparently kept in the dark about until he saw the film for himself.

    The Comics 

  • Ginny's friendship with Irk in Monsters at Midnight. She even gets her to calm down after she becomes big and scary by eating some Monster Blood


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