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Heartwarming / Good Burger

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    Good Burger 
  • Ed gives Dexter the same yo-yo his dad once gave him, which he bought with his (much smaller) cut of the bonus money.
  • The way Ed is genuinely overjoyed when Dexter calls him "buddy".
  • Dexter tearing up the contract he signed with Ed, letting him know that it's he who deserves the money that Good Burger has made thanks to his special sauce.
  • Dexter's Character Development throughout the movie. At first, he's completely self-absorbed and irresponsible, but he learns to be a good friend who genuinely cares about others.
  • In a weird way, Ed's "Grape Nose Boy" bit is kind of sweet. He just wants to make Dexter laugh... and does, allowing them to bond more as friends and helping Dexter forgive Ed for causing his car accident.

    Good Burger 2 
  • The simple fact that Ed and Dexter are still the closest of friends after nearly three decades. Dexter is noticeably more patient and less annoyed by Ed’s strange nature.
  • Ed is married to a woman named Edie with a plethora of kids. Goes to show that there truly is someone for everyone. The children refer to their dad’s buddy Dexter as Uncle Dex.
  • Roxanne, of all people, is now friends with Ed - whom she warmly praises for being a great father. She’s become a nun who works as his children’s nanny, having reformed since their first encounter.
  • Ed’s devotion to Good Burger has paid off. He not only still works there, but he literally owns the place!
  • Ed has a tribute wall of sorts inside Good Burger, with pictures of the crew seen in the ‘90s film such as Monique and Otis.