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Heartwarming / Girls Und Panzer Das Finale

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  • The Delinquent girls are initially quite indifferent to attempts to recruit them until it is mentioned the sensha-do team is preparing for a battle to assist Momo, who it turns out saved them from expulsion some time ago and they have not forgotten.
  • When Shark Team gets briefly stuck in the river crossing, it's Rabbit Team who give them a push to get them going again. No doubt the Rabbit girls remember the finals when the whole of their team refused to leave them behind when their Lee stalled in a different river.
  • During the bridge ambush, it is once more Miho's tank that is the last to escape from danger, making certain that everyone else gets out first.
    • Nishi does this as well when escaping from Oarai's trap, and this is even if she's in the flag tank.
  • As much as they still have issues trusting each other, both Andou and Oshida have no problems apologising and accepting the others apology once they realise that it was Oarai who triggered the team's infighting.

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