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The entire series is little else but heartwarming, but of course there are favourites.

  • Sugi, the female Casanova of the series is entirely flippant about her own relationships, and seems focused on fashion and looks, but the way she secretly encourages Akko and Mari shows that she has a good heart and really cares about her friends. In her A Day in the Limelight chapter, she wonders towards the end if she'll ever find her true love, obviously referring to how she sees Akko and Mari's relationship.
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  • In Chapter 29, the group is en route to an audiovisual lecture and are being picky about seats, and Akko asks where Mari wants to sit. Mari's response?
    Mari: I want to sit next to Akko.
  • Toward the end of the series, Naru-chan gives Mari some heartfelt advice about what she needs to do to stay close to her lover and her friends, helping convince Mari that she doesn't need to go to the same college as Akko. Naru-chan might not get very much respect from her students, but that doesn't mean she can't act like a teacher when it matters.
  • Mari reveals that she wants to become a nutritionist. She adds that because she notices that Akko keeps eating unhealthy food and going on crash diets,Mari wants to learn how to make delicious and nutritious food for Akko. Akko then replies that she loves Mari and her cooking.
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  • The ending. Mari and Akko are still keeping in touch despite having gone to separate schools. At the end of the graduation, Mari says that she'll never give up as long as Akko is with her, at which point Akko tearfully embraces Mari, saying how happy she is.
    Mari: I fell in love with Akko... and experienced a lot of pain and heartache. And I'm sure that there are still challenges to come. But... we're not the only ones with hopes and dreams. Everyone here is special. We share the same feelings. We all have people we love. So if there is a god... thank you for leading me to Akko. The most precious person in my life. And I hope that... I can stay friends with all the other people precious to me. But if we ever lose touch... I hope everyone finds happiness. The source of my happiness... what gets me through the day... is your smile.

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