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Moments in the original series

  • In "Kill Me Now", Emily pressures Richard into taking Rory golfing. The two are both less than eager to go but go to oblige Emily. Shockingly, the two have fun together and it's what sparks off their grandfather-granddaughter relationship. Especially heartwarming considering how close the two become in the following years.
  • The end of Emily and Richard's separation.
    Richard: I don't want to go back to the pool house...
    Emily: Then come home.
  • Rory's high school graduation speech. Even Luke can't hold back tears.
    • Paris is so genuinely happy when her Nanny comes to see her graduate, grinning ear-to-ear and affectionately greeting Nanny's kids in Portuguese. When she gets her diploma, she looks out to see Nanny and all the kids beaming and waving, obviously thrilled for her.
  • Jackson and Sookie's picnic date, where he proposes.
    Sookie: So, I'm sorry, you don't think we should live together anymore?
    Jackson: Nope.
    Sookie: ...Okay.
    Jackson: I think we should get married.
  • Luke and Rory's exchange after Rory and Jess get into a car accident. Everyone, especially Lorelai, spends the episode blaming and deriding Jess, ignoring Rory's promises that the accident wasn't his fault and making Luke hide away from everyone. Then they finally talk to each other.
    Rory: wasn't his fault.
    Luke: I know it wasn't.
    • It's an incredible CMOH, first for the relationship between the two of them: Luke is clearly feeling guilty about Rory's broken arm and worried she'll also blame him and Jess, her comfort is beautifully played. A great moment for Jess too, its obvious both of them do care a lot about him - despite his jerkishness - and the only ones who believe in him.
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  • The entirety of Luke and Lorelai's first date, particularly the revelation that Luke had held on to a humorous horoscope that Lorelai had given him pre-series.
  • Luke building Lorelai an ice-skating rink.
  • Luke bringing Lorelai flowers...The first and only women he ever bought flowers for.
  • Luke and Lorelai's first kiss.
  • Luke being generous enough to let Lorelai stay in his apartment in "A Tale of Poes and Fire".
  • Really, Luke and Lorelai throughout Season 5.
  • At Rory's Bon Voyage Party in the series finale, where she thanks the town and her mom for giving her such a great start in life.
    Rory: I don't want to gush, except to my mom, who is everything to me and everything I am. And who I'm gonna miss so much.
    • And then Lorelai indicating that she'll continue having Friday night dinner with her parents. This shows that after seven seasons of relying on their shared love for Rory to hold their once broken relationship together, it's strong enough to stand on its own.
    • Richard, in his own way, lets Lorelai know how proud he is of her.
    Richard: It takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this.
    Lorelai: Thanks, Dad.
  • Rory's impromptu speech at a town meeting about wanting to tell people how they really feel about them, which even gets applause from the townspeople.
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  • Liz and TJ's wedding.
  • Max delivering a thousand yellow daisies to the Inn after Lorelai offhandedly mentioned that such a gesture would be the right way to propose to her. Then following that up with Lorelai and Rory running through town because they can't wait to share their good news with each other at the end of season one.
  • The end of The Prodigal Daughter Returns where Rory and Lorelai finally make up after a months-long separation?!
    • The very last line of an earlier scene in that episode, when Emily is telling Lorelai that Rory has moved out.
    Emily: I lost her just like I lost you—it feels remarkably similar to me.
    Lorelai: You didn't lose her like you lost me. Rory was never even supposed to be here in the first place. She was always supposed to be at school—she just went back where she belonged. And you didn't lose me.
  • The looks of pride on Emily and Richard's faces when Lorelai graduates from community college. Heart-warming to the point of being a total tear-jerker.
  • In a first season episode, Richard has a mild heart attack, and Emily, on the verge of tears, berates him for it (although he actually survives).
    Richard: Emily, listen. If I die...
    Emily: No!
    Richard: Emily...
    Emily: Richard Gilmore, there may be many things happening in this hospital tonight, but your dying is not one of them.
    Richard: But—
    Emily: No! I did not sign on to your dying. And it is not going to happen. Not tonight, not for a very long time. In fact I demand to go first. Do I make myself clear?
    Richard: Yes, Emily. You may go first.
  • Jess and Rory's reunion in Season 6. Especially Jess crediting Rory for his success as an author.
    Jess: So, I just wanted to show you this, and tell you uh, tell you I couldn't have done it without you.
    • Especially heartwarming, as last time Rory saw him, Jess was a drop-out and failure.
      • Also, because their last two meetings in the series were not pleasant. But when Jess hands her his novel, Rory immediately starts gushing about how proud she is of him, how she knew he had it in him, and insists she wants to see it in a store. She tells him she's going to put it in the "staff recommendations" section with a note saying how awesome it is. Jess implores her to actually read it first.
    • Jess' Character Development over the series in general, going from said drop-out and delinquent to a mature, hardworking artist who even gets his own books published.
      • There's a little throwaway line in season 6's "The Real Paul Anka" that illustrates not only how far Jess has come in maturity, but also in self-esteem. After he and Rory kiss and she reveals she's using him to get back at Logan, Jess' first response is to tell her "I don't deserve this." This is in stark contrast to a conversation between Jess and Luke in season 2 about Shane; Luke confronts Jess about the way he treats her, and Jess tells him she treats him horribly back. When Luke asks if this Masochism Tango makes him happy, he snarkily confirms that it does.
  • Jess and Luke's hug at the end of Season 4. Followed by this line:
    Luke: I'll always be here, Jess.
    • The whole Season 4 arc with Luke and Jess is pretty heartwarming; climaxing with Jess coming to Liz's wedding because of Luke, and admitting to his uncle he still loves Rory. Luke's unspoken understanding of pining for a Gilmore girl is beautiful.
  • Luke giving Rory his mother's pearl necklace for her birthday. She then refers to him as as her "stepfather-to-be."
  • Lorelai storming into Jason's office to tear him a new one for making her mother feel like shit.
  • After Luke's speech to Kirk (see Awesome sub-page) when Kirk is talking about breaking up with Lulu, Luke later sees them together. Kirk raises a hand in acknowledgement and puts his arm around Lulu.
  • Luke's epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jess's deadbeat father is this and a Moment of Awesome, showing just how much he cares for his nephew despite their issues.
  • Dave read the whole Bible in a single night to prove he was worthy of Lane. Even Mrs. Kim had to admit she was impressed. Also a Moment of Awesome on Dave's part.
  • Mrs. Kim giving Lane her grandmother's wedding ring when she gets engaged to Zach.
  • In season 5, when Dean dumps Rory (the second time) in front of several people at a Yale alumni party, Logan and his friends immediately rush to comfort her and begin trying to cheer her up, offering shoulders to cry on, alcohol.... and reenactments of The Passion of the Christ.
    Logan: Hey, Ace, nothing ever seems quite as bad after Finn's Passion of the Christ. ...Except Finn's Passion of the Christ.
  • Richard bringing Lorelai her dollhouse after Emily threatened to donate it to Goodwill.
  • Combined with Tear Jerker, Emily and Mia's conversation about teenage Lorelai running away with baby Rory and finding shelter with Mia at the inn. Emily then ultimately asks Mia for photos of young Lorelai.
  • Emily invites the son of one of her DAR friends over for dinner, in hopes of setting Lorelai up with him. However, he's such a bore that Lorelai walks out of dinner and attempts to climb out the house through her childhood bedroom. Richard finds her and she begs him to not send her back, which he acquiesces.
    Richard: Lorelai, your mother wants to know if...
    Lorelai: Hi daddy. Okay, I know this is bad. And I know this probably brings back all the horrible aspects of my childhood life for you. And see, I'm really sorry that we fought last week, and I'm really sorry that you're so disappointed in me, and I really wish there was something I can do to fix that, but there probably isn't and I can accept that because I am an adult now and I am proud of who I have become. But I am begging you, please, please do not make me go back down there because that guy is boring.
    Richard: Emily, she's not up here!
    Lorelai: Thank you Daddy.
  • Regardless of how you feel about Rory dropping out of Yale, the fact that Richard was prepared to argue for Lorelai's side and convince Rory to go back to school... up until the moment he sees her, and Rory, in tears and obviously in great emotional distress, throws her arms around him and sobs into her grandfather's chest. After this scene, Richard decides to stick up for Rory and support her decision. The look on his face when Rory hugs him just tells you that in this moment, he's realizing Rory really, really needs his support right now — whether she's making a good choice or not, she needs him to be by her side. And he is.
  • In season one, Luke makes a special coffee cake and blew up balloons for Rory for a birthday breakfast.

Moments in the Revival

  • The official trailer for the revival has some lovely moments:
    • Luke and Lorelai have resumed their relationship. Although Lorelai appears to be lost about the direction it's going.
    • Rory and Jess appears to have settled into Amicable Exes as he patiently hears her out at an office and they share a drink.
    Rory: I could have been a contender!
    Jess: You're still a contender.
    • Lorelai provides Emily with some emotional support.
    • Another promotional clip on the show's Facebook page shows Rory squealing with delight over some happy news and grabbing Jess's jacket lapels as Luke looks proud. The happy news is actually about Rory finally finishing the first three chapters of her autobiography book "Gilmore Girls" which Jess suggested earlier.
  • One of the production stills released for the revival was one of Luke and Jess at the diner talking. Depending on the body language interpretation, either Luke or Jess needs advice from the other. It's Jess giving Luke advice about Lorelai fleeing to California to figure things out.
  • Lorelai and Luke FINALLY marry in the gazebo, with the Reverend, Rory, Lane and Michel at their sides. Kirk apparently helped decorate everything, as he beams at the text Lorelai sent him.
  • Lorelai and Emily's reconciliation in Fall: Lorelai tells Emily that she wants to buy a new annex for the Dragonfly Inn and needs the money. She wants to use the money Richard willed Luke because he has no desire to expand the diner. Emily agrees on the condition that they spend two weeks every summer and Christmas week in Nantucket with her, to which Lorelai accepts.
  • Emily finds a new lease on life without Richard by moving to Nantucket and volunteering at the local whaling museum giving tours. She even admits to Lorelai that when she bought the Nantucket house, she felt proud at the fact that it is the first time that she's ever bought something for herself that actually says her name on it instead of "Mrs. Richard Gilmore".
  • When Rory feels like her life is falling apart, Colin, Finn, Robert, and Logan whisk her away for one last adventure and tell her they love her; whatever their flaws, it's clear they really do mean that.
  • Rory and Dean share a bittersweet moment remembering their relationship, culminating in a lovely callback as Rory finds something on a shelf:
    Rory: Dean! Cornstarch.
    Dean: Pay for it this time.
  • While Lorelai finds it off putting, Paris calls her the second closest thing she's had to a mother, just under her nanny.
    • When Lorelai shows up to Paris's clinic seeking a surrogate, Paris goes out of her way to ensure that she and Luke get top-notch service, even firing an employee on the spot for not sufficiently treating them like VIPs.
  • It's very subtle, but as Jess prepares to leave the house because Kirk came crashing by, Lorelai gestures a goodbye kiss, indicating that while she and Jess will still have their differences, she doesn't hate him as much as she used to.
  • Really just the whole opening of the Winter Season, seeing Stars Hollow again, in all it's charm and glory. Even though it's been nine years since the show went off the air, it feels like nothing has changed.
  • When Lorelai broaches the topic of children with Luke, he says that he's always considered Rory and Jess like his own kids.
  • Hearing the old theme song one last time during the end credits of "Fall." Truly a blast from the past.

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