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Heartwarming / Ghostbusters (1984)

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • "Dana's Theme" by Elmer Bernstein can warm your heart to high levels and melt it down.
  • When the Ghostbusters' very first call comes in. Janine, who had been largely apathetic up to this point and made no attempt to hide such, roars "WE GOT ONE!!!" and slams the alarm buzzer. It shows that, despite the way she acts, she really does care about the business.
  • After Peter successfully makes a date with Dana, he just begins spinning in the Lincoln Center plaza out of joy as the roller skaters dance around him accompanied by Bernstein's awesome triumphal background music.
  • When Peter makes his speech to the Mayor, especially the part about saving the lives of millions of registered voters. The Mayor makes an expression that's a split between genuine happiness and tears. It shows he cares about the city enough to accept any idea that saves it, no matter how damaging or crazy it is.
    • Well, mainly he's realizing that the Ghostbusters present the means for him to safeguard his re-election.
  • The Ghostbusters prepare to face Gozer down, knowing it's probably the last thing they'll ever do, and we get this exchange:
    Peter: [genuine fondness] See you on the other side, Ray.
  • The Ghostbusters frantically checking on each other in the aftermath of the climax, repeatedly asking if the other team members are alright. Their genuine concern for one another is touching.
  • Gozer has been defeated, but the Ghostbusters see the charred remains of Zuul/Dana. Just check the look on Peter's face when he believes Dana is dead. It's the first time we see Peter seriously sad in contrast with the snarky jerk he was throughout the movie.
    • After that, they see movement inside the demonic dog's charred corpse and break open it. Inside is Dana, dazed but unharmed. Bernstein's music makes it better because it's a reprise of "Dana's Theme," and the whole sequence is just perfect.


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