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Heartwarming / Ghost (1990)

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  • Watching Sam and Oda Mae's relationship evolving from mutual annoyance to mutual fondness and respect.
    • When Willie shows up at Oda Mae's place, Sam yells at her, "Get out of here, fast!", then puts himself between the two of them, even though he can't offer any protection.
    • Later, when he realizes that Carl and Willie are going after her, he panics and hauls ass to her place to warn her.
    • Their final exchange as she can now see him for the first time and upon seeing heaven itself utters:
    Oda Mae: "Sam. They're waiting for you, Sam."
    Sam: "I'll miss you. Your mother would be proud."
    Oda Mae: "I'm gonna miss you too, Sam. You're all right."
    • A meta example: the producers auditioned every black actress in Hollywood for the part of Oda Mae except Whoopi Goldberg, not wanting her for the part. After Patrick Swayze was cast as Sam he insisted that Goldberg (whom he didn't even know personally) be given a screen test, considering the part tailor-made for her and threatening to walk if she didn't. Naturally the screen test was a smash and she got the part, and with it the Oscar. Goldberg and Swayze became close friends and remained so until his death.
  • Even Sam shows concern for Carl after the latter was killed by accident. Sure, he wants him to get killed by the mob for failing in delivering laundering money, but he can't help but feel pity for him when he realized his fate after being killed.
    • The Broadway theater version is even better that although it's futile, Sam attempts to save Carl from being dragged into Hell.

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