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Heartwarming / Get Out

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  • Chris and Rose's close relationship is genuinely sweet. This is no longer the case after The Reveal about her true nature, though.
  • It's twisted, but there's something rather touching about the fact that even after all she did to him, Chris seemingly intended to leave Rose alive when he fled the house. By comparison, he deliberately seeks out and kills the elder two Armitages, and subdues Jeremy twice, the second time fatally, in self-defense, but then attempts to leave without alerting Rose to his presence, likely because part of him still loved her.
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  • "Get out" in context. Andre says it when Chris's camera flash goes off, briefly breaking the hypnosis. He's telling Chris to run and escape before the Armitages get him.
  • When he can't get help from the police, Rod commandeers a TSA vehicle to find Chris and save him from the Armitages. All he knows is that his best friend's girlfriend has lured Chris to a strange place, and will probably kill anyone who interferes. Is it hard to find Chris? Yes. Does Rod give up? NO!




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