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Heartwarming / Genji Tsuushin Agedama

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  • The whole fanclub building exercise in episode 28 is a series of heartwarming moments. In addition to the "obvious" moment when Ibuki and Kodama show that they are true fans and friends by sticking with Agedaman even as the rest of the fans flock to Brandman, the entire effort to collect members, build the stage and get three months of appointments without any budget to speak of is the even more touching moment.
  • Episode 29 hosts two heartwarming moments:
    • When Ibuki, after being hurt and feeling jealous by Rei entering into Agedaman's house, has clearly forgiven him by next morning even before hearing any explanations and was going to school with cookies already prepared. Extra points for it being so important that she, still half-concussed, asks Agedaman to give them to Agedama.
    • Rei making up with her grandfather was somewhat heartwarming. note 
  • Episode 31 had
    • Agedama facing danger untransformed to save Wapro. They make up, of course.
    • How Ibuki treats Wapro (completely as an equal) is heartwarming when it is shown how many treat Wapro either as a pet or as an appliance.

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