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"Tomorrow, Marcus. We've finally got a tomorrow..."

  • Marcus dropping his weapons, tearing off his armor, and taking off his do-rag was a cool way of giving a sense that the 95 year period of near constant war on Sera (counting the Pendulum Wars) was finally over and giving an air of finality to the trilogy.
  • Carmine surviving the helicopter crash, putting his helmet back on and helping a fellow Gear get back up, all with the Gears of War main theme blaring triumphantly. It only reinforces the final thoughts that after all the death and destruction that has plagued the planet for so long, humanity can finally rest.
    • Because just this once, after all the shit he went through with his brothers dying, after he went to hell and back to help Delta Squad in the final battle, he still made it. Just this once, Carmine lives!
  • Padrick Salton and the remaining Pesanga arriving at Anvil Gate at the end of Coalition's End is possibly the most heartwarming moment in the series. Hoffman is completely overwhelmed at finding one of his oldest friends to be alive, and that some Pesanga are still alive. Made even better by the fact that the leader of the Pesanga is Harua Tak, the wife of another old friend who was killed in the Pendulum Wars, and many of the other Pesanga with them are their children and grandchildren.
    • What solidifies this moment is that Bai Tak wasn't eligible for the Embry Star due to being Pesanga and so Hoffman decided to send his own Embry Star to Harua because he felt Bai deserved the recognition for his Heroic Sacrifice. When Harua and Hoffman finally meet, she gives it back to him, saying that it rightfully belongs to him and that Bai would want it that way.
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  • Marcus: "I just lost my fucking brother! You hear that? My brother!" Though it's also considered a Tear Jerker.
  • Marcus' continually pained call over the radio to make sure Anya made it out alive at the end of Gears 2. Besides hinting towards their relationship, it lets us know that the Perpetual Frowner Marcus Fenix isn't just a grizzled, generic badass but is capable of a wide array of complex emotions. His comforting of Dom was done similarly, so much is said in so few words.
  • Baird and Sam spend a good part of the game having highly bellicose interactions, with volatile snark being tossed back and forth between them. But in the wake of Dom's death, Baird drops the sarcasm and sincerely requests of Sam to take care of herself. He even draws a small smile out of her as she returns the sentiment.
    • Sam and Baird spent a lot of time disliking each other, and weren't afraid to make sure the other understood that. By Gears Of War 4 they're a couple, and it's clear they're very happy with one another.
  • It's a heartbreaking scene, but Adam's final words to Marcus should count.
  • The Gears 4 "Tomorrow" trailer. In between the scenes of JD running through the forest with the Swarm chasing him, we see Marcus planting a tree and carving his son's initials into the trunk. As Marcus does so, a younger JD runs, grinning, towards his dad, who picks him up in his arms. A touchingly normal moment for the former soldier and his son - at least until the Calm Before The Storm ends.
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  • Marcus prioritizing Reyna's rescue over the finer points of the Swarm's plans.
    Kait: Thank you, Marcus.
  • When they realize that the Swarm hive that Reyna is inside of is something four people can't handle without backup, they finally decide to call Marcus's friends. Then, before heading out to the comms tower:
    Kait: If your friend can't help, I'm coming back. Alone if I have to.
    Marcus: If he can't help—[puts his hand on her shoulder]we'll be right beside you.
  • JD clearly has a very high opinion of his "Uncle" Cole when they reunite again. His opinion towards "Uncle" Baird is decidedly less so, but only because Baird is the creator of the DeeBees they've spent the last twenty hours fighting. Baird also offhandedly mentions that he gave JD numerous toys when he was growing up and explains he's been watching out for JD at Marcus' request. Regardless of the apparent rockiness, JD still refers to Baird as "Uncle" at the end of their exchange.
    • Seeing Cole and Baird reunite with Marcus again. The pair greet Marcus warmly with bro-hugs, especially when remembering the animosity between Marcus and Baird when they first met. Cole himself gives JD an affectionate 'you were this tall' gesture when recounting how long it has been since they last saw Marcus' son.
  • Marcus's bond with Kait. He clearly sees something of himself in her, and when she tells him that she will come back if help is not available, he tells her they will be with her. Also, he comforts her when she euthanizes her mother, telling her she needs time to heal.
    "Trust me, I've been there."
  • In the Gears 5 trailer, despite it strongly indicating Marcus has deduced that Kait's grandmother was Queen Myrrah, he immediately volunteers to help Kait deal with her identity crisis. He also doesn't seem to share JD's suspicions of Kait. Marcus may have hated Myrrah, and for good reasons too, but he knows that is not who Kait is.
  • There is an Easter Egg in Gears 5 near the tomb of the unknowns; if you find and pick up enough collectibles belonging to fallen characters throughout the game, you can lay them out in front of a wall commemorating those killed in action, making an impromptu memorial for those who've passed on. See it here.
  • While it overlaps with Tear Jerker, choosing to save JD over Del near the end of 5 has Marcus trying his best to console his son over the loss of his best friend, and giving him a big hug as if to say "I've got you". It's notably one of those very rare moments where Marcus isn't the stern man he usually is, and makes it clear that he loves his son very much while also sympathizing with his loss, since he's been there before and had likely not gotten over it yet, if his overprotectiveness of his tomatoes is any indication.


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