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  • Several of his conversations with Margaret.
    Margaret Bourke-White: So you really are going to Pakistan then? You are a stubborn man.
    Gandhi: I'm simply going to prove to Hindus here and Muslims there that the only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts. And that is where all our battles ought to be fought.
    Margaret: So what kind of warrior have you been in that warfare?
    Gandhi: Not a very good one. That's why I have so much tolerance for the other scoundrels of the world.
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  • The end of Gandhi's hunger strike, when he is informed that the Hindu-Muslim violence has stopped. In a weak voice he asked for some orange juice and crackers.
  • "India and Britain have had a long history together, and when they leave we shall see them out as friends."
  • During production, Ben Kingsley said that throughout the funeral scene, the Indians tried to prank him by tossing petals onto his nose and face, trying to get him to move. But after a while, they stopped... and got quiet... and then many started to cry. Some of them remembered Gandhi, and even after all those years, were moved to sorrow by the thought of his death.


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